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Course Focus

Improved productivity through best practices, tips and tricks with emphasis on the following:

  • Automating Repetitive Actions
  • Streamlining the ‘Beginning to End’ Process
  • Advanced Options for Customising InDesign
  • Must Know Shortcuts
  • Troubleshooting Techniques
  • Utilising New Features

What You Get

  • 120+ Page Step-by-Step Course Manual
  • Class Exercises Developed by an Adobe Certified Instructor
  • AATC Adobe Authorised Certificate
  • After Course Support
  • Free Course Resit (6 Months)*
  • Small Classes (average 4 to 6)
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Course Outline

Defaults and Preferences

  • Application and Document Defaults
  • How to Fix Glitches and Crashes
  • Customising Preferences
  • Restoring Defaults and Preferences for Corrupt Files

Working with Long Documents

  • InDesign Book Files (.indb)
  • Creating a Book File and Adding Documents
  • The Style Source and Synchronising Documents
  • Synchronising Parent Pages
  • Section Markers for Numbering and Sections
  • Text Variables and Presets
  • Creating a Running Head using Variables
  • Parent and Child Parent Pages
  • Keep Options for Headings and Related Paragraphs
  • Tables of Contents
  • Setting up the TOC Style
  • Creating Tab Leaders for TOC Entries
  • Packaging, Preflighting and Exporting Books

Libraries and Snippets

  • Libraries for Graphics, Text and Pages
  • Snippets for Reuse, Sharing & Positioning
  • Libraries Versus Snippets
  • CC Libraries (Creative Cloud Libraries)

Advanced Text Options

  • Paragraph Rules: Above and Below
  • Spanning and Splitting Columns
  • Paragraph Borders and Shading
  • Conditional Text
  • Indent to Here Character
  • Story Jump Lines
  • Adobe Fonts (formerly Typekit)
  • Avoiding Word Breaks
  • Word Spacing in Justified Text
  • Footnotes
  • Autosize Text Frames
  • Balance Columns
  • The Baseline Grid
  • Using Dynamic Spelling
  • The Check Spelling Command

Data Merge

  • The Database File and InDesign File
  • Steps for Merging Data
  • Adding Image Fields in The Data Source File
  • Multiple Records and Images

Advanced Style Options

  • Loading Styles
  • Grouping Styles
  • Clearing Overrides in Styled Text
  • Style Override Highlighter
  • Next Style
  • Applying the Next Style to Existing Text
  • The Power of Nested Styles
  • Applying Keyboard Shortcuts to Styles
  • Quick Apply

Bullets and Numbering

  • Formatting Bulleted & Numbered Lists
  • Changing and Formatting Bullet Characters
  • Creating Multi-level Lists
  • Restarting or Continuing Numbering for a List
  • Defined Lists

Find/Change and GREP

  • Find and Change: Text, GREP, Glyph and Objects
  • Finding and Changing Words
  • Searching for and Changing Text Formatting
  • Replacing Multiple Spaces, Tabs and Returns
  • GREP: Advanced Pattern-based Search Techniques
  • Construct GREP Expressions to Find Alphanumberic Strings and Patterns

Preflight Profiles and Output Previews

  • Viewing and Resolving Preflight Errors
  • Defining Preflight Profiles
  • Links Panel View Options
  • Previewing Colour Separation Plates
  • Previewing Ink Coverage
  • The Ink Manager

Advanced Page Layout Options

  • Split Window for Comparisons
  • Using Power Zoom
  • Rotate the Spread View
  • Adding Colour Labels to Pages
  • Calculations in Panels and Dialogue Boxes
  • Step and Repeat
  • Calculations and Step and Repeat
  • Gridify: Placing Multiple Images in a Grid
  • Live Distribute
  • Frame Fitting Options
  • Auto-Fit Frame Contents
  • The Gap Tool
  • The Color Theme Tool
  • Controlling Layer Visibility of Images
  • Object Layer Options
  • Multiple Page Sizes and the Page Tool
  • Creating Multiple-page Spreads
  • Importing Comments from PDF Files
  • PDF Comments Panel Overview
  • The Adjust Layout Command
  • Creating Captions from Image Metadata
  • Static and Live Captions
  • Text Wrap Options
  • Ignoring Text Wrap
  • Text Wrap Preferences
  • Clipping paths and Deep Etching Images
  • Edit Original Images from Links Panel
  • Importing Word Formatting and Styles
  • Autoflow Options

Object Styles and Anchored Objects

  • The Object Styles Panel
  • Creating Object Styles
  • Using Object Style Categories
  • Applying Object Styles
  • Clearing Overrides on Object Styles
  • Editing an Object Style
  • Breaking the Link to an Object Style
  • Importing Object Styles
  • Anchored Objects
  • Creating Anchored Objects Method 1
  • Creating Anchored Objects Method 2 (preferred)
  • Inline and Above Line Options
  • Custom Anchored Object Options
  • Viewing Anchored Object Markers
  • Moving or Resizing an Anchored Object Manually
  • Releasing an Anchored Object
  • Anchored Objects and Object Styles

Linked Content, Alternate and Liquid Layouts

  • Linked Content
  • Link Options
  • Updating Linked Content
  • Alternate Layouts
  • Liquid Layouts
  • Liquid Page Rules

Vector Shapes

  • The Stroke Panel
  • Modifying a Stroke
  • Dashed Lines
  • Start and End Shapes
  • Corner Options
  • The Pathfinder Panel
  • Converting Text to Vector Graphics
  • Type On a Path
  • Creating QR Codes

Bonus Material – Tables and Table Styles

  • Create Hyperlinks and URL Hyperlinks
  • Create Page Navigation Buttons
  • Import Video Files
  • Export an Interactive PDF
  • Testing in Acrobat

Bonus Material – Introduction to Interactive PDFs

  • Create Hyperlinks and URL Hyperlinks
  • Create Page Navigation Buttons
  • Import Video Files
  • Export an Interactive PDF
  • Testing in Acrobat
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Advanced InDesign Courses

The course was great and very enjoyable. With all the new features in InDesign CC I now have a better understanding of the program and how to use my time better. The course was informative and in depth but not too overwhelming. Will be leaving with many new skills and techniques that I can put into practice straight away.
Carissa Wilson, Graphic Designer
This course will save me so much time for tasks I do everyday. I will be so much more efficient with InDesign now.
Shelley Tilbrook, Marketing Director
Informative,interesting and enjoyable training session - I gained invaluable knowledge through attending this course. I’ll be back for sure!
Erin Crawford, Graphic Designer
It was an absolute joy attending this course. I have definitely learned a lot which would be really useful both at work and for personal projects. I will definitely recommend it.
Naz Mofakhami, Bid Coordinator
I have been to a number of City Desktop Training courses for Adobe software in the last few months. Each course has been led by an interesting and knowledgeable trainer that is always happy to answer your questions.
Rebecca Maher
Was a fantastic course full of gold! Ben was an excellent teacher.
John Chivers, Grapic Designer
This course has increased my knowledge of the package in a big way and I can’t wait to put new skills into practice!
Katie, Major Bid Coordinator
The trainer was fantastic and answered all the random questions we had. He was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend the course.
Alyssa, Communication Officer
Very informative, while I had an overall knowledge of how to use InDesign, I picked up quite a few tricks and features that I never knew about.
Alanna, Marketing Executive
Very informative and very good value for money. It's worth it alone for finding out the shortcuts, tips and others' experience.
Samantha, Typesetter, Desktop Publisher
Fantastic course, fantastic trainer - would absolutely recommend to anyone!
Sugi, eLearning Developer
The pace was good and my trainer was very clear and extremely patient. I really enjoyed the course.
Amanda, Change Agent
My mind is completely blown by the possibilities you have shown me. My productivity and quality will be hugely improved by the course. Thank you!
Tracey, Marketing Assistant
Wish I'd found out about this years ago, could have save me loads of time. Awesome course, Thanks David!
Esther, Urban Designer
Still the strongest and most detailed Adobe training provider around. The amount that you learn in such a short time is amazing.
Mark, Compliance Coordinator
The course was very well structured and the trainer was both knowledgeable and helpful.
Ashleigh, Marketing Coordinator
Very informative and useful. The presenter had very relevant industry knowledge.
Rebecca, Urban Designer
I had an excellent and knowledgeable trainer. The course had a great coverage of content.
Maurita, Teacher
I would recommend City Desktop to others seeking training in Adobe programs.
Milly, Marketing Manager
Being able to tailor the course content so that it was directly related to my everyday work was a massive plus.
Emma, Graphic Designer