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Training Modules (Overview)

  • Graphics Formats
  • Selections
  • Compositing
  • Cropping & Scaling
  • Colour Correction
  • Working with Smart Objects
  • Introduction to Masks
  • Retouching
  • Painting
  • Combining Images
  • Animated GIFs

What You Get

  • Free Course Resit (6 Months)*
  • Adobe Authorised Certificate
  • 12 Months Access to Help Desk
  • No Risk! Money Back Guarantee
  • Step-by-step Course Book
  • Adobe Certified Instructors
  • Professional Training Environment
  • Small Classes (average 4 to 8)
  • High Frequency of Courses
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Course Outline

The Photoshop Interface

  • Operating Systems, Versions, Menus and Shortcuts
  • Dialogue Boxes & Panels – Some Efficiency Tips
  • The Start Workspace
  • Graphic Formats
  • Photoshop Preferences
  • The Photoshop Interface
  • The Tools Panel
  • The Options Bar
  • Photoshop Panels
  • Photoshop Workspaces
  • Viewing File Information
  • Zooming and Scrolling
  • Screen Modes
  • Arranging Images
  • Undoing, Redoing and Reverting
  • The History Panel
  • Photoshop Help
  • The Photoshop Learn Panel

Photoshop Fundamentals

  • Resolution
  • PPI versus DPI
  • Working out the Required Resolution and Size of Images
  • Changing the Size and Resolution of Images
  • Photoshop Colour Modes
  • Creating a New Image
  • Commonly used Image Formats

Selection Techniques

  • Selecting an Entire Image
  • Removing a Selection
  • The Selection Tools
  • Selection Tool Options
  • The Marquee Tools
  • Transforming Selections
  • The Lasso Tools
  • The Quick Selection Tool
  • The Magic Wand Tool
  • Inversing a Selection
  • The Colour Range Command
  • The Select and Mask Workspace
  • Feathering and Shifting Selections


  • Layers and the .psd Format
  • The Layers Panel
  • Layer Visibility
  • Renaming Layers
  • Changing the Background into a Layer
  • Selecting Layers
  • Moving Layers
  • Creating a New Layer
  • Rearranging Layers
  • Deleting Layers
  • Selecting the Pixels on a Layer
  • Layer Opacity
  • Layer Blending Modes
  • Duplicating Layers
  • Duplicating Layers between Images
  • Linking Layers
  • Merging Layers
  • Flattening Layers
  • Erasing
  • The Eraser
  • Selecting and Deleting
  • Layer Styles

Introduction to Colour Correction

  • The Adjustment Menu versus the Adjustment Panel
  • The Hue/Saturation Command
  • Applying an Adjustment Layer
  • Editing an Adjustment Layer
  • Hiding and Showing Adjustment Layers
  • Making Adjustment Layers Effect only the Layer Below
  • Deleting an Adjustment Layer
  • Brightness and Contrast


  • Type Layers
  • Point Type
  • Paragraph Type
  • Selecting Type
  • Formatting Type
  • Working with Type Layers
  • Layer Styles
  • Rasterizing Type
  • Saving Type as Vector Type

Cropping and Transforming

  • Cropping Images
  • Cropping to Extend the Area around an Image
  • Transforming
  • Aligning Layers


  • Creating a Facebook Header (Cover Photo)


  • Supplying Files for Printing Purposes
  • Supplying Files for Screen Usage
  • Common File Types for Screen Usage
  • The Save for Web Command
  • The Export as Dialogue Box

Colour and Tonal Correction

  • The Colour Wheel
  • The Colour Balance Command
  • The Info Panel
  • Identifying a Colour Cast
  • The Hue Saturation Command
  • Adjusting the Hue and Saturation of Specific Colours
  • Colourise a Greyscale Image
  • Tonal Range Correction
  • The Histogram Panel
  • The Levels Command
  • Using Levels to Remove a Colour Cast
  • Advanced Optional Extras
  • Measuring Highlights and Shadows
  • Making Automatic Colour and Tonal Corrections
  • The Shadow/Highlight Command
  • The Black and White Adjustment
  • A Suggested Colour Correction Workflow


  • Painting in Photoshop
  • Foreground and Background Colours
  • Choosing a Colour from an Image
  • The Colour and Swatches Panel
  • The Colour Picker
  • The Brush Tool
  • Opacity, Flow and Smoothing
  • The Brush Picker
  • Introduction to Blending Modes
  • Filling Selections and Layers
  • Fill Layers
  • The Eraser Tool
  • The Magic Eraser
  • The Paint Bucket Tool
  • The Gradient Tool

Layer Masks

  • Layer Masks
  • Creating a Layer Mask
  • Editing a Layer Mask
  • Creating a Mask from a Selection
  • Clipping Masks


  • Automatically Cropping and Straightening Images
  • The Canvas Size Command
  • Flipping and Rotating Entire Images
  • Flipping and Rotating Layers and Selections
  • Transforming
  • Free Transform
  • Content-Aware Scale
  • Warping Type Layers

Image Retouching

  • Retouching Images
  • The Clone Stamp
  • The Spot Healing Brush
  • The Healing Brush
  • The Patch Tool
  • Content-Aware Fill
  • Content-Aware Move Tool
  • The Red Eye Tool
  • The Sponge Tool
  • The Dodge and Burn Tools


  • Photoshop Filters
  • The Gaussian Blur Filter
  • The Unsharp Mask Filter
  • The Smart Sharpen Filter
  • Smart Blur
  • The Filter Gallery

Creating Animations

  • The Timeline
  • Creating Animated GIFs: Step-by-Step
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Photoshop Course Testimonials

I absolutely love CDT and the trainers. I have taken both Photoshop and InDesign and they have significantly helped me in opening my own online retail business.
Danielle Barouche, Online Retail Shop Owner
Better than Youtube videos. The best course ever. David is amazing.
Meera Bala, Marketing and Comm.
I’ve been doing things the hard way! The last two days have shown me how to get so much more out of Photoshop. I’m really impressed by how much time I will be able to save immediately and can’t wait to get back to my projects!
Kathie Fisher, IT Manager
Thank you so much to Cheryl for a great training session!! Cheryl was clear and so easy to understand and very patient with all my questions. Highly recommend. Most beneficial.
Elizabeth Poole, Administration
I had bashed my head against walls trying to do everything very manually and without any prior knowledge of Photoshop. I now leave with a wealth of information around automation, functions, shortcuts and more. A fantastic course packed into 2 days!!
Sophie Paterson
This course was great, I had very little knowledge before I did this. I am actually quite surprised by how much I learnt in 2 days.
Brooke Tassits, Marketing Assistant
The Photoshop Essentials course was fantastic. Cheryl was a delight - very patient and knowledgeable. The time went so quickly, she held my attention all the way through. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone.
Amy Waldock, Marketing/Comm.
Fantastic topic coverage, good attitude and lovely people. Thanks for a great learning experience.
Ginni Leonard
Cheryl was great, attentive and helpful and generous in sharing her professional tips and tricks!
Sherri Chapman, Marketing
David is a fantastic trainer, explains everything very well and the amount you learn over 2 days is incredible, thank you.
Joanne Maples, Marketing and Promotions
Great course and excellent investment in upskilling, well worth taking the time to do!
Lauren Jameson, Event Coordinator
Adrian’s passion for design and knowledge of the content was incredible.
Kane Jackson, Manager
Great two day course for covering the basics and essentials of Photoshop. The class size of 4-6 was great and made it easy to learn in an interactive environment.
Hillary Bell, Marketing Advisor
Awesome course with an extremely knowledgable trainer. Makes a world of difference when you have someone who actually uses Photoshop as part of their role. Adrian was excellent!
Stephanie Tranquille, Learning and Dev. Consultant
Such a wonderful course and Nikki is a GREAT teacher!
Sarah Sullivan, Marketing Assistant
I started off with no confidence in Photoshop and have left with confidence to use and apply the skills I’ve learned. Adrian is a great instructor and loved the industry knowledge and standards. It was the best and I’m excited for InDesign.
Grace Grimmett, Marketing Coordinator
I thoroughly enjoyed the course, with likeminded people with the same interest and similar exposure
Colleen Quirk, Photographer
Very indepth and detailed course which outlines all the uses of Photoshop.
Darren Teo, Student
Cheryl, as before, you have such an amazing knowledge of the subject and incredible patience, thank you for all your help.
Jenny Campbell, EA
The trainer speaks from real world experience and takes great interest in the different purposes that the students wish to use Photoshop.
Nicholas Caris, CCTV Analyst
Comprehensive training covering a broad spectrum of tools. Great starter course to get to know Photoshop.
Lee Hutchison, Executive Assistant
Thank you David. I have learnt so much and loved how you related everything back to “real life” examples. I will be practicing and coming back again for the refresher and perhaps the advanced course. THANK YOU!
Jessica Pekin, Marketing Professional
David was a fantastic teacher. He was understanding, thorough and made everyone feel very comfortable with the tasks we learned.
Ella Symons, Marketing Coordinator
Not having worked with Photoshop, I was a little intimidated not knowing what to expect thinking it would be too fast paced and not keeping up. I must say, it was so well structured, that it all followed perfectly, and the trainer David was very good in making us feel comfortable with the projects throughout the 2 days. Looking forward to the Indesign and Illustrator training days. Highly recommend.
Beti Trajkovski, Marketing coordinator
Well worth it. I have played around in Photoshop for years, but now I actually feel like I know what I’m doing, not just playing!!
Hannah Weeks, Marketing
The course is so great and informative that I suggest everyone using Photoshop should attend - why struggle learning it yourself...
Julie Logan, Communication officer
I entered this course with a self-taught basic familiarity of Photoshop. Doing this course helped me to fully understand the tools, improve my workflow and reduce processing time 10-fold!
Kim O’Sullivan, Firefighter
Adrian was excellent and really liked the training. Eye opener for budding photographers like me.
Rajesh Kumar, IT Engineer
Where to begin. David was sensational, personable and thoroughly engaging. I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to do more.
Georgina Capper, Actor/Marketer
Highly recommend! David was a fantastic trainer, very knowledgable and explained the content so it was easy to understand, even for me as a novice.
Kylie Lawtey, Marketing Officer
David was FANTASTIC! I am all about practical learning.
Samantha Worton, Photographer
The Photoshop Essentials course was a great platform to learn the key functions of the program. Doug was a great instructor and guided our class, including complete beginners, in a easy-to-understand and informative manner. Would highly recommend this course!
Rhiannon Kennedy-Bush,
Awesome Course, highly recommended, qualified trainers, will attend another course in future.
Jessica Ford,
It was really great to get some real hands on knowledge of using tools in Photoshop on images. Ben was really enthusiastic and had a vast knowledge of best techniques for doing things. Would definitely do more courses here in the future!
Stephanie Seebacher,
Photoshop Essentials was easy to follow and provided me wit many time saving tools that made the program very worthwhile.
Shelley Tilbrook,
Great content and great instructor. I highly recommend this course.
James Chatman,
Ben was a wealth of knowledge. His thorough understanding of Adobe’s creative suite helped guide us through training with ease.
Rush Pathak,
Great trainers, facilities and materials! Highly recommended.
Saria Anunsiriwattana, Website Designer/ Account admin
This course was both insightful and interesting. It was great to delve into the capabilities of the program - I have definitely learned some skills that I'll use in the workplace. The certificate will look hot on my resume too.
Annabel Wise, Content Optimiser Manager
I learnt double in this class what I learnt in the last Photoshop course I did elsewhere. Recommend it!
Julia, PA Events
I would highly recommend CD training for Photoshop to anyone as you learn an immense amount and improve your skills drastically.
Amanda, Social Media Manager
Fabulous explanation and exploration of fundamentals and basics and WHY the tools are doing what they're doing.
Angela, Higher Education Admin
Simple and practical, the course made what seemed a complicated program feel easy.
Dave, Program Officer
Nikki is a fantastic teacher. She communicates so well and explains things with great patience.
Bree, PA/Marketing Assistant
I needed a quick start on Photoshop that would get me started to improve my photos and got just that.
Ali, Photographer
Thank you so much to my trainer Nikki, I learned so much and enjoyed every minute of it. Can't wait to apply it all!
Diana, Self-Employed
Our trainer was very clear and helpful.
James, Music Producer

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