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City Desktop Training Reviews

After Effects Testimonials

“The Adobe After Effects course with Annette was fantastic. My mind is totally blown...and exceedingly full. I can't wait to get editing back at work. Thanks for the expertise, training and assistance.”

Heidi B, Marketing Comms Specialist

“:) This was an amazing course and Annette is a wealth of knowledge. Highly recommended.”

Laura B, Digital Designer

“I had a great experience. Annette was so knowledgeable and friendly. A wealth of information!”

Daniel B, Video Content Producer

“Highly satisfied with the service and my trainer was very experienced and was able to answer all questions put to him.”

William T, Student

“I've come out of this course with a lot more well-rounded knowledge of After Effects. I now feel like I have a lot more control and confidence in my creative output. Thank you!”

Emma C, Graphic Designer

“A great experience. Exactly what i signed up for. Exercises were practical and clearly explained by Ben.”

Aana J, Graphic Designer

“Great course, easy to follow along. Ben explained everything very clearly and supplied a range of resources to take at the end so I can refer back.”

Aleen B, Graphic Designer

“Fantastic course for beginners to really learn the fundamentals of After Effects, touching on some of the program's more complex potential. Well paced and thoroughly explained every step of the way”

Rika B, Film Editor

“It was a thorough grounding in the basics of After Effects that I found really useful and I'm sure it will help me use the program a lot more efficiently from now on.”

Lorna J, Video Editor

“I've now done City Desktop courses in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects over the course of 5 years. Will probably be back to do Premiere Pro...think that probably says it all.”

Samantha G, Project Marketing Manager

“I have completed several courses with City Desktop and every time, I have left feeling confident in my skills and fired up to be creative! The classes are small, the course content is relevant and the location is great. Kudos to the team for being so up to date with the latest Adobe products.”

Kristen, Teacher

“Fantastic Course for anyone wanting to learn the basics of this Software. Small class sizes means there is time for individual questions.”

Elspeth C, Teacher

“Wonderful, friendly and engaging teacher! Very understanding and made sure no question asked felt like a silly one.”

Dominique M, Creative Artworker

“I really learned a lot and so much was shown in such a short period of time. Annette gave us a lot of references to practice on and thats how we really learn After Effects. Thank you!”

Louise C, Multimedia Specialist

“This course was well planned and well explained to the audience. I seriously recommend it to everyone who intend to produce type animations and adds.”

Eddie C, Graphic Designer

“Good course, given me the confidence to create! Ben is a top trainer who balances keeping the course moving with helping individually well”

Michael W, Multimedia Developer

“This was a great course! I already knew a bit about After Effects but this course really helped with making sense of everything and teaching some handy techniques!”

Adele J, Sales and Marketing Assistant

“Loved the course! The examples were clear and practical and I gained a lot of new skills”

Jacqui M, Senior Digital Communications Adviser

“Ben was super knowledgeable and obviously has a lot of experience. Thanks for you insights.”

Dean P, Multimedia Advisor

“Annette Rays is a genius and a gem.”

Luke M, Producer

“Helpful course that provided a basic understanding of how the software works and how it can be used”

Zoe S, Scientist

“City Desktop was professional, helpful and gave me a very good base for After Effects.”

Bianca B, Digital Marketing

“Fantastic, knowledgable teacher. With great exercises.”

Amelia W, Video Producer

“Great course content for graphic designers like myself looking to discover what After Effects has to offer.”

Robyn M, Graphic Designer

“Ben was very thorough with his step-by-step teaching of the Adobe After Effects program, which made it very satisfying and interesting to attend. Highly recommended for beginners with exciting results in each exercise that was achieved.”

Ronald C, Graphic Designer

“As always, Annette was extremely professional and took the time to ensure all of my questions were answered. A very comprehensive class that left me confident that I will be able to master After Effects. Thanks”

Brook W, Graphic Designer

“Ben is an excellent and practical teacher. This is the second course I have attended that he has taught and take away heaps each time. He does an excellent job of tailoring his explanation to a wide range of skill levels.”

Matthew S, Lecturer

“This course is really practical and a great way to learn After Effects - I tried to teach myself using tutorials online and gave up in frustration. Having someone take me through has dramatically increased my knowledge and I feel confident to start using the program in my work - thank you!”

Harriet S

“With no prior knowledge, I now feel comfortable creating basic motion graphics.”

Michelle M, Designer

“I absolutely loved this course and would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in motion graphics.”

Simone C, Graphic Designer

“Ben was great! Knowledgable and extremely patient. Love every minute”

Larry C, Digital Content Producer

“Course was beneficial and look forward to spending more time investigating the full benefits of the program. I came away with the basic knowledge and now it's up to me to put that into practice.”

Sue H, Graphic Designer

“Great course! Great teacher. Learnt so much in 2 days that I haven't in years.”

Claire P, Video Editor

“Annette was patient with the class, and is extremely passionate about the course work which makes it enjoyable to learn.”

Jacqui K

“Annette is a star, patient and always has another way of explaining things should you not understand.”

Daniel M, Art Director

“Always great courses and up to date information!”

Adam G, Cameraman Editor

“Fantastic course and Annette was fantastic presenting the tutorial.”

Karen T, Graphic Designer

“Thanks so much to Annette, she was a fantastic tutor and her knowledge was second to none.”

Paul M, Retoucher

“Ben was really helpful and thorough”

Rebecca D, Graphic Designer

“A great course. Really opened my eyes to what After Effects is capable of.”

Jon H, Graphic Designer

“Ben was very knowledgeable and patient. Great course content and enjoyable course.”

Joel K, Digital Content Adviser

“Highly instructive course that covered a variety of content.”

Lee R, Marketing Coordinator

“This is great. I especially like the free refresher course.”

Toby C, Comms officer

“Great course! Well worth it!”

Natasha D, Marketing Executive

“Wonderful program and would recommend to others!!”

Harry M, Student

“Was a great course, practical and hands on!”

Lauren S, MKT Specialist

“This course was great to introduce After Effects to those wanting to learn the fundamentals.”

Acacia S, Agency owner

“A great course. Would recommend to anyone wanting to know how to use After Effects.”

Anne R, Self-employed