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City Desktop Training Reviews

Illustrator Testimonials

“City Desktop Training provides practical and professional tuition for all participants regardless of ability, along with a free refresher course if needed! What more could you ask for?”

Jennifer K, Communication Manager

“City Desktop Training is very clear and methodical in its training, allowing students to get a clear understanding from the ground up.”

Alex W, Communications Coordinator

“The two days of Adobe Illustrator Essentials has been a combination of a wonderful presenter in Adrian who explained everything clearly and practical training which will be used in my everyday work - a lot of 'a ha' moments! Thank you.”

Catherine B, Publications

“David once again was absolutely perfect with all of his vast knowledge and expertise within Illustrator, and I'm incredibly grateful and appreciative for all of the knowledge he was able to share with me.”

Jordan S, Web Designer

“Thoroughly enjoyed this course. As someone who is self-taught, this has opened my eyes to all the things I didn't know - I'm looking forward to seeing the improvement in my designs.”

Rebecca D, Graphic Designer

“This course was very helpful in learning how to use the basics of Illustrator. Definitely recommend.”

Kirsten F, Admin Assistant

“The course was very well done and would definitely come back for other Programs. Very informative, helpful and will improve my skills immensely back in the work environment.”

Caitlyn S, Marketing and Communications Officer

“Was a great course and I will recommend to some friends who are interested in computer graphics.”

Imelda L, Manager

“This was a fantastic course! Our trainer David kept it interesting and relevant, as well as easy to understand the whole time. He also provided real industry examples for how we might use the techniques. I had a great time and would highly recommend City Desktop Training!”

Leanne N, Urban Designer

“David has an extreme wealth of knowledge in Adobe Illustrator. His knowledge is only matched by his enthusiasm and patience. I now feel like I can create the images that I see so clearly in my mind, but could not complete. I could not recommend this course more!”

Alexandra D, Illustrator

“David is the best teacher. He explains everything you ask and has so much knowledge. Happy to send some of the artwork I've been doing since my course. Didn't know anything before David's class.”

Tess H, Marketing

“Great course! Gave me the skills I need to head back to work and start illustrating. Our teacher made all the difference. She was clear, patient and engaging.”

Elsie P, Communications Manager

“David is a fantastic tutor and really knows what his talking about but the best part is his passion for the industry.”

Mustafa D

“So happy to have completed the Illustrator Essentials and definitely recommend!”

Mikasha C, Marketing Assistant

“The course was very practical and the lecturer is very knowledgeable. Amazing class! I've learnt a lot.”

Ceara R, Admin Coordinator

“Great course, learnt so much and hope to do the Advanced session”

Debbie S, VST

“I found Annette to be both friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I will definitely promote this course at the company I work in.”

Miriam S, Executive Assistant

“Thank you Cheryl. You were a great trainer and very patient with a new beginner.”

Tanya S, Volunteer Coordinator

“David was a wonderful teacher, I will definitely recommend this to others. Thanks David”

Katie B, Events Manager

“Great lecturer, informative course. Thank you”

Nikki R, Graphics and Marketing

“It was a very informative 2 day course with lots of useful tips!”

Frances S

“Great course, excellent trainer. Would recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to learn Illustrator”

Samantha S, Administration

“Great course for anyone who has no or little experience! Highly Recommend!”

Marco N

“Another fantastic course! very pleased. A little more overlap with InDesign than i was expecting. Learned a lot none the less”

Krystal R, Marketing

“Second course completed here at CDT. I will be back for more.”

Corey L, Bid Coordinator

“Very nice experience with these courses, useful tips and techniques, good environment and atmosphere!”

Kuo C

“Not only are you learning from ADOBE professionals you're learning from people who know how to teach.”

Andrew M, Environmental Consultant

“Really, really great. Fantastic course with a talented teacher!”

Luke J, Media and Communications Advisor

“Great course and well planned.”

Ian J, Rail Communications Officer

“I enjoyed Illustrator Essentials as it taught me a lot about not only the program but different ways of looking at objects.”

Michelle C, Urban Designer

“It was a great course. Very practical and lots of examples. I thoroughly enjoyed the course!”

Genevieve C, Communications Manager

“As always, David was fantastic! Knowledgeable, approachable and a great teacher. Thanks David!”

Kiera J, Admin

“David is an excellent teacher who took the time to check that everyone understood all information and technique. Enjoyed the class thoroughly!”

Dot T, Operations Manager

“I really enjoyed learning about Adobe Illustrator and I cant wait to use these new skills teaching my own students. Great presenter, very knowledgable and patient.”

Gemma B, Secondary Teacher

“A very good course for those completely new to the program.”

Zach S

“This is my third course with CD and with Cheryl. She is fantastic and comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Thanks Cheryl! I'll be back for a refresher course no doubt!”

Kat M, Business Coordinator

“Best Illustrator course I've attended. Our trainer was incredibly knowledgeable.”

Louise B, Research Analyst

“Excellent training session. The trainer really knows his stuff!”

Katrina A, Bid Writer

“Fantastic. Great material and great trainer. Should have done this years ago!!”

William M

“Course was fantastic and David was a great teacher. Very knowledgeable and practical. I would certainly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their ability to play with graphics!”

Anna S, Public Affairs

“Thanks for a very comprehensive course. So full of amazing, practical and fun information and tips. Also appreciated being able to take files away on my USB, and all the extra docs provided. Very happy and can't wait to get back to work and start creating!”

Tracey D, Administrative Assistant

“A really great introduction to Illustrator from a friendly and informed teacher.”

Bronwyn D, Writer & Editor

“Thank-you Adrian, your approach to teaching this course was excellent. Your patience, good nature and personality made the learning experience very enjoyable. I look forward to using my newly learnt skills. :)”

Isabelle S, Marketing Coordinator

“Great course with plenty of relevant topics covered for graphic designers already working in the industry. Highly recommended.”

Jasmin M, Graphic Designer

“Nikki was amazing - understanding and supportive!”

Kristy D, Photographer

“I love Cheryl she's a passionate, patient and skilled teacher!”

Jessica C, Communications Manager

“This course gave me a great grasp on the basics of Adobe Illustrator - and included plenty of practical and easy to understand information. Would definitely recommend for Illustrator beginners.”

Eleanor F, Office Hand

“City Desktop training offers an excellent, personalised learning opportunity with qualified and experienced instructors in a small groups.”

Kerrin S, Marketing & Development Manager

“The illustrator essentials course has given me a strong foundation into starting my journey as a designer. I can walk away now with an understanding of tools and the overall use of the program and I have enough knowledge now to keep growing in this program.”

Zonel H, Student

“A well worth while course which covers a lot of information. Being able to come back for a refresher a great idea.”

Sue H, Event Manager

“David is a terrific trainer, extremely knowledgable and makes the classroom a fab learning environment”

Dawn B, Consultant

“Excellent course! I feel so much more confident in my work and left leaving with a brain full of knowledge! David was absolutely amazing and a fantastic teacher!”

Kelly F, Graphic Designer

“Fantastic and inspiring course with an excellent trainer.”

Tara J, Digital Officer

“The course was fantastic, I was apprehensive specifically about the Illustrator course having negligible experience in illustration and design but even for me, there was a lot of key leanings, useful techniques and practical applications for my role that will help my organisations digital work immeasurably.”

Adam L, Digital Manager

“Fantastic course - trainer was friendly, knowledgeable and course content was practical. Would recommend!”

Ruby M, Communications Officer

“A fantastic, well-paced course. The manual is a great take home resource.”

Fiona M, Publishing

“What a fantastic course. Fast tracked learning at its best.”

Chris H, Teacher

“It was great, learnt heaps”

Demi D, Admin

“Great tutorial”

Richard S, Marketing Manager

“Very informative.”

Joshua M, Product Engineer

“Great course and well planned.”

Ian J, Rail Communications Officer

“Great Course and content”

Josh R, Marketing

“Again David made learning easy.”

Katharina B, Comms Coordinator

“Very good start to understanding Illustrator!”

Brigette W, Marketing Coordinator

“Adrian did a great job at keeping us on time but not feeling rushed. The course itself was really well thought-out and thorough without being overbearing. Would recommend.”

Michael T, Marketing Manager

“A fantastic two days, David was really patient with me and very clear with his communication. So looking forward to coming back for InDesign”

Jane R, Executive Assistant

“Cheryl was very helpful and patient with everyone in the class. Would recommend this course to anyone wanting to expand their Adobe Illustrator skillset.”

Tara F, Media Adivser

“Thanks so much for a fun, creative and engaging two days David! It was such a fantastic course, I would recommend it to anyone and look forward to doing advanced in a few months!”

Hayley E, Publicist

“I was recommended this course by another high school teacher as being a fantastic practical course. I also found this course fantastic and it has given me the confidence to use this program at school.”

Tarli B, Teacher

“I have completed two courses now with City Desktop. I feel so confident now going back to work and implementing what I have learn't. The trainers are amazing and so knowledgeable. I will be coming back for a few more courses soon!”

Liv S, Communications

“One of the best professional development courses I've taken - well paced, engaging and informative. Course resources are excellent and I feel well-equipped to use Illustrator going forward. Thank you!”

Beth C, Digital Engagement Coordinator

“Your course has given me the skills to use Adobe in my daily workflow, efficiently and with confidence.”

Zoe C, Communication

“David is an exceptionally knowledgeable facilitator who shared his experiences and tools and tips. Super helpful!! Best course ever”

Jasmina T, Senior Learning & Development Specialist

“David was one of the best, if not the best course instructors I have ever had. I feel very lucky to have sat in his class and have him share his knowledge! Thanks David.”

Fiona O, Creative Assistant

“This is an excellent course - great value for money. David is absolutely fabulous.. such amazing knowledge for the industry and an asset. Thank you”

Sarah D, Marketing

“David is an amazing teacher, I love how he uses real world examples to relate to the course material. Very knowledgeable and always able to answer any questions.”

Jenna L, Graphic Design

“Illustrator can be an overwhelming program for beginners. At the end of this course I feel comfortable creating and editing designs.”

Clair S, Internal Comms

“For someone who doesn't have the time to explore while working this course has been invaluable. It has enabled me not to be frightened to use unknown fields, faster ways of getting the end result.”

Barbara R, Graphic Designer

“No matter how experienced you are, it's always good to learn how other more experienced designers do things.”

Borzou H, Graphic Designer-IT Specialist

“Great course. Look forward to pursing other related courses in near future.”

Corey L, Bid Coordinator

“Very professional course. Small group training is very valuable.”

Michelle P, Communications Officer

“Awesome course, I didn't think Illustrator would be useful for me in my job but the course was fun, practical and informative!”

Celeste J, Marketing Manager

“Fantastic course, has hugely expanded my knowledge base and I can't believe how much you can actually do with Illustrator. Excited to get going!”

Rachel A, Marketing Manager

“Really loved the course and David is fantastic!”

Nerida B, Elearning Manager

“Nikki was an awesome instructor. thanks”

Kevin R, Teacher

“Great training experience. I would recommend everybody to attend a course like this one.”

Puja D

“Informative and professional.”

Alice J, Product Developer

“An excellent primer on Illustrator, delivered engagingly. Highly recommended.”

Tara J, Digital Officer

“Cannot recommend this training highly enough. The benefits are both numerous and immediately tangible.”

Adam L, Digital Manager

“Really enjoyed the Illustrator Essentials Course in Brisbane - Cheryl is a fantastic trainer and provides real world examples to keep the content relevant.”

Rosie K, Graphic Design Assistant

“Great course with a knowledgeable trainer and practical learning materials. Excellent introduction to the software.”

Keely D, Communications

“If you want to work smarter, not harder, do one of City Desktop's courses.”

An N, Marketing

“The trainer was fantastic, clear and made the training fun and easy to follow - his training style was great.”

Emma B, Bid Coordinator

“Excellent course, very thorough and well presented.”

Claire N, Employee Communications Manager

“David turned the unknown illustrator into the easy to use illustrator”

Sandra C, Facilitator

“I found the course very very helpful and relevant to my requirements. I really enjoyed the instructor and found him very helpful.”

Georgia F, Marketing

“The training was wonderful - definitely improved my knowledge of Illustrator, and i am so looking forward to testing it out on work/my own.”

Hannah C, Consultant

“I did the course and thought the facilitator was so good that i only wanted to do my resit with him. I was disappointed when i couldn't have the same guy but they gave me David and he was even better!”

Jane D, Peer Educator

“The Illustrator course was extremely well done. David or trainer was outstanding and provided all of us with the personal feedback we required along the way.”

Brad R, Operations Director

“Great course, excellent tutor, very knowledgeable, had a great couple of days, I will be back for other courses with City Desktop Training.”

Michala H, Secondary Teacher

“I found the course to be fantastic and very worthwhile. It's definitely taught me a lot”

Belinda R, Sales & Op Manager

“I had no idea how to use Adobe Illustrator before this class and was a little nervous. The after support offered and training is great - I can now go ahead and use it!”

Leigh J, Government Relations Adviser

“I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to advance their skills in Illustrator. I came with a basic knowledge and now believe I have the skills needed to surpass my daily needs for the program.”

Olivia B, Marketing and Tender Coordinator

“Very thorough training, great course material.”

Claire W

“Iian is a great trainer for both InDesign and Illustrator and it was a great course to brush up and improve my knowledge of Illustrator so that I can use it in every day work and personal work”

Joshua V, National IT Manager

“Excellent course! Well balanced and paced. Definitely left it knowing heaps more than I did prior to sitting the course. Would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their illustrator skills.”

Pierre D

“Can't make any suggestions to improve the Illustrator Advanced course- seriously awesome course and has really improved my knowledge! Dave was an excellent instructor - highly recommend!”

Annie N, Graphic Designer

“This course was excellent, a really knowledgeable and brilliant facilitator.”

Carol N, eLearning Design and Developer

“I enjoyed the class and have learnt a few handy hints that will come in handy when I am making the graphs.”

Catherine S, Team Assistant

“Very interesting and informative class that provides you lots of opportunity to learn.”

Fiona D, Digital Marketing Manager

“Iain was very knowledgable and kind, no question was too silly and I am a complete Mac and Design rookie, so very much appreciated his help”

Amanda M, Executive Assistant

“David was an excellent teacher! Very patient and thorough and showed real life practical examples and ways to use what was taught in everyday workplace.”

Tessa Z, Designer

“David as always is fantastic, would highly recommend him and the Adobe courses he teaches.”

Priyanka W, Marketing

“Great training - I keep coming back!”

Kristy E, Education Officer

“It was amazing...Adrian went with whatever we required. Excellent all around!!! One of the best PD's I have even done”

Jenny K, Art Teacher

“Adrian was incredibly patient and helpful with all aspects. His friendly demeanour made us feel confident and he answered all of our questions with ease and additional demonstrations.”

Rachel W, Teacher

“Thanks David for opening the world of Illustrator. Wow I cant wait to play around and see what I can create.”

Halley S, Marketing Manager

“Annette is wonderfully patient and quickly adapted to my learning style.”

John B, Web Designer

“David has been great, his expertise and knowledge is amazing. He has really practical examples that you can put to practice right away.”

Fabiola R, Marketing Officer

“A valuable course. I will be applying my knowledge straight away in my work.”

Florienne L, External Relations Manager

“Being the third time I'm attending to one of your courses says it all. Great material, great teaching, great practice”

Pamela S, Admin

“The course leader, Cheryl was awesome. She was articulate and very knowledgeable on the subject matter.”

Kellie B

“Adrian was great and very knowledgeable”

Shareen B, Project Coordinator

“Good course, good instructor.”

James P, Media and Communications Advisor

“Great experience to take the short training course.”

Simian L, Admin Assistant

“Its well paced and very interactive.”

Zafana H, Prepress