City Desktop Training Reviews

InDesign Testimonials

I'd highly recommend this course for anyone looking to learn InDesign. The course facilitator (David) explained everything clearly and took the time to provide further demonstrations, if needed.

Elizabeth C, Strategic Communications Specialist

“This course taught me all of the essentials of InDesign and so much more! I am excited to get back to work and test out my new skills.”

Britt T, Senior Marketing Executive

“Great presenter, would definitely sign up to other courses presented by David. He was very knowledgeable, practical and humorous.”

Paula H, Medias and Communications Advisor

“I've been a Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Web Developer for 10 Years. And as a InDesign user for 4 years, I can say that I've learned a lot of important techniques that I never knew existed because of this course. So either you're a beginner or an expert, I highly recommend you attend this course to refresh or gain new techniques to be a better designer. Thank you David for all the new shared knowledge.”

Jairus B, Digital Graphic Designer

“Great course. I learnt a lot and feel so much more comfortable with the software now.”

Jennifer W, Research Director

“InDesign Essentials training is a well-rounded and extremely useful course that will teach you everything you need to use the program efficiently and using best-practice processes.”

Alysha H, Secretary + Research Assistant

“Cheryl is a fantastic trainer who is very patient and knowledgeable. I have learned so much from her and feel competent approaching any InDesign tasks in the future. I would be happy to do another course with City Desktop Training.”

Linda K, Bid Coordinator

“Nikki is a fantastic teacher who takes her time to really ensure you understand what she is teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend it to all considering it.”

Dayna P, Marketing Assistant

“This InDesign course was extremely helpful. David made it enjoyable to learn the practical skills, and also brought his own real life experiences to share with us which made the class even more engaging. Highly recommend this to any who wants to learn the basics of InDesign.”

Mikasha C , Communications Assistant

“Excellent and clear instruction. David explained the logic behind the program which made it much easier to understand.”

Olga N, Property Management Administration

“David was very knowledgeable and one more that one occasion showed us real life examples from his portfolio that showcased the work we were doing. He also showed us some 'tricks' that weren't covered in the written materials which I personally found to be very helpful.”

Benjamin F, Brand Manager

“The InDesign Essentials course is well presented and detailed, with excellent supporting materials. It has equipped me with invaluable knowledge of the program. Adrian is very knowledgeable and provided tips and tricks that each student will find very helpful in the future.”

David A

“The course was clear and at a good pace for a beginner.  I felt it covered all of the basics I need to get started and it's great that I can come back if I need to revisit topics.”

Sothea K, Administration Assistant

“I absolutely loved the course. Adrian was fantastic in his delivery and helped tailor his tips and advice to everyone's individual workplace.”

Laura S, Team Assistant

“I was very impressed with City Desktop Training and will happily use them again. The whole process from booking to the training was very easy and well organised. The presenter was very skilled and I feel confident now that I can use InDesign succesfully to develop professional communications.”

Roslyn R, Senior Music Administrator

“It was great to learn from a professional of the industry who not only knows the application inside out, but how to best use it for efficiency/results. 10/10”

Charlie M, Project Support

“The course was well organised and delivered in an organised, reassuring and empowering way.  David did a great job.  I'm keen to get started back at the office!  ”

Maree B, Communications Officer

“Great class and great presenter”

Shanti L, Marketing Manager

“Great tutorial, considering it was only one day, you learned at lot in a small space.”

Eilish F, PR Coordinator

“David was absolutely lovely and had funny examples to help us remember things! Very practical!”

Su Lin H, Marketing Manager

“I thought the course was really helpful and the pace was perfect. I feel like I can apply what I learnt to my workplace now and make marketing material from scratch.”

Madeleine R, Communications Graduate

“Great course. I would love to learn other Adobe CC essentials in future.”

Tanvi O, Digital Analyst

“David was an awesome trainer with easy and simple explanations for all the concepts covered.”

Lyndell A, Bid Coordinator

“Fantastic course. I had never used InDesign or any other Adobe software and now feel I can go away and have a play.”

Rebecca S, Visitor Services Officer

“Great intro. course to InDesign. Thank you”

Laura D, Marketing & Digital Coordinator

“Cheryl was a great trainer and patient as well.”

Tanya S, Volunteer Manager

“Cheryl was great! Patient and knowledgeable.”

Connie-Louise A, Communications Manager

“I am here doing a refresher which I found very helpful 2nd time around as I was able to concentrate and actually follow along without being new to the navigation and menu options.  Well worth it.”

Amanda P, Office Manager

“I highly recommend City Desktop Training and David as the teacher. It was a friendly and easy learning environment. This was my second time doing a course here and I am sure it won't be my last : )”

Chloe M, Business Owner

“Adrian was fantastic. This was a very good investment by our association”

Aurelia C, GM Marketing and Comms

“David was a terrific trainer, engaging, informative and easy to understand. Very professional and will definitely be back for more training.”

Euleen B, Graphic Designer

“This course has definitely improved my understanding and confidence with InDesign. I look forward to being able to edit and create documents at work without needing to ask others.”

Elise K, Project Officer

“Cheryl was a really good instructor, she explained everything clearly and make sure everyone in the class up to the same speed. Day one was full of information, day two was full of practice. You will learn a lot and able to apply the skills to your next project.”

Jessica T, Sales and Marketing Associate

“I have never used InDesign, and found the training was absolutely brilliant.  I could go back to work tomorrow and start producing high quality documents with no trouble at all!!  A very relaxed environment and very welcoming.  Would definitely recommend.”

Mel P, Council Officer

“This course was presented in a way that was easy to follow and understand, even as someone who had never used the program before. Would 100% recommend to others, especially with Adrian as an instructor - he was excellent.”

Bridget W, Event Assistant

“David was great! He knew what he was talking about and could target the content at the level that we were trying to learn. The computers, books and handouts were all relevant and well received.”

Ashlie S, Reporting Administrator + Marketing

“This course was exactly what I needed for my role. Adrian is a great teacher, he explained everything really well & at a great pace. The course outline covered a lot, but didn't feel overwhelming. Thanks!”

Michelle F, Events & Marketing Coordinator

“I was quite nervous about the course, as I know absolutely nothing about InDesign, or design in general. I'm the kind of person who didn't even know how to turn on a computer properly a few years ago. I really surprised myself in the course by my ability to actually do the course, and make things look far better than I'd ever thought. The presenter was incredibly engaging, and I was impressed by his professionalism, as well as his ability to supplement knowledge with personal anecdotes. I'd definitely recommend the course to anyone interested in the program--I'd love to attend another!”

Zoe S, Communications Assistant

“David was a wonderful trainer, very engaging and explaining with real life examples.”

Kellie N, Personal Assistant

“David was happy, helpful and an enthusiastic teacher. Very good quality.”

Trish H, Product Manager

“Fabulous trainer, gave very detailed explanations and made sure everyone was up to speed before he moved on. Great 2 day course I learnt a lot.”

Tarryn Y, Administration

“The course was super helpful and will ensure that I can approach making documents accessible in the correct way”

Stephanie L, International Marketing Officer

“Thank you David - great class and I feel have a solid understand of publication accessibility requirements. Very well explained.”

Brigid O, International Marketing Coordinator

“Comprehensive, creative, interesting, and fun.”

Jane S, Library Technician

“The course was excellent - Adrian is extremely knowledgable and a really effective trainer. Highly recommend!”

Peter M, Media & Communications Professional

“Was a fantastic, practical course and I look forward to doing more courses.”

Fae B, Urban Planner

“Fantastic course, easy to understand, supportive environment, organised”

Catherine S

“Fantastic course - I came never having used InDesign and I walk away with a thorough understanding of the capabilities of the software.”

Simone M, Director of Business Development

“The trainer is really good at explaining and very helpful and hands on.”

Katelyn M, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

“This was an easy to follow and engaging two-day course. Putting each skill into practice with a guided exercise cemented the my knowledge.”

Monica H, Communications

“Loved the course and the trainer was great!”

Stephanie C, Event Assistant

“David is very experienced and the course is well integration with skills and practical knowledge. Can't wait to use what I learned today!”

Tina H, Executive Assistant

“David was too good.  He has a good way of explaining things, is very knowledgeable and professional.”

Lorna M, Executive Assistant

“This course - InDesign Essentials - was very practical and enjoyable.”

Libby C, WSUD Capacity Building Officer

“Great content and a great teacher (David). I will definitely recommend to my colleagues.”

Jenny W, PA

“For someone who has never used InDesign before, this course was extremely helpful getting to know the basics of multiple areas of the program. I definitely recommend.”

Kirsten F, Administrative Assistant

“David made learning very fun, easy and enjoyable!”

Meander D, Admin