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City Desktop Training Reviews

Photoshop Testimonials

“I enjoyed this two day course immensely. David was a great teacher, he kept things upbeat and fun and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Photoshop. Thank you so much!”

Katelyn C, Development Officer

“This was a great course - I feel full of enthusiasm for Photoshop now and can't wait to get started with my new knowledge.”

Jane P, Business Development

“Fantastic course, very well run. Enjoyable with lots of relevant real world examples. Great pace, would thoroughly recommend to anyone that needs brushing up on their skills.”

Andrew D, Project Marketing Manager

“Thank you David and City Desktop Training for another fantastic course. Highly recommend.”

Janelle, Digital Specialist

“A very good clear introduction and deeper immersion on day 2 into the many tools Photoshop offers. Multiple uses for many different needs. Adrian was a fantastic teacher who went at just the right pace. Small class with hands on examples made it very engaging. Thank You!”

Netta J, Television Broadcast Preparation

“This is my second time training with City Desktop Training and I wasn't disappointed.  The content was perfectly constructed for new users and the trainer, David, was knowledgeable, approachable and very entertaining!”

Ann-Maree G, Event and Project Coordinator

“Great practical class to learn how to best utilise Photoshop. David's industry experience has been invaluable to this course.”

Kevin D, Marketing Graduate

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It clearly covered everything I needed to know and now I feel like I have the skills to use in my career.”

Amanda R, Marketing

“The course was wonderful and Adrian proved to be a fantastic instructor. The content was in a logical format, well thought out and takes beginners a long way from their original/nil skill set. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone looking to start their Photoshop understanding.”

Aimee L, Communications Manager

“Course is excellent! It takes step by step for someone who has no or little knowledge on the subject.  So glad and relieved it wasn't so hard to follow.”

Chi B, Student

“David is an enthusiastic well organised presenter who held on to his class well throughout.  Thank you”

Peter A, Project Manager

“An excellent course for someone with no knowledge of Photoshop. David is a fantastic instructor and was able to contextualise the learning with examples and scenarios.”

Joseph P, Instructor

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The information was relevant and delivered at an even pace. The instructor included practical industry based examples which helped to understand the photoshop tools.”

Georgia B, Marketing Coordinator

“Very informative and useful information. I learnt a lot and would definitely recommend the course to anyone.”

Sophie C, Marketing Coordinator

“Fantastic course, our trainer David was excellent and gave us insightful and interesting real world examples.”

Daniel P, Marketing

“A well designed course presented by a knowledgeable trainer. Would highly recommend.”

Louise M, Events & Marketing

“The course was great, everything explained really clearly and the instructor was fantastic.”

Nathan H, Printer

“Fantastic course, very engaging, great teacher. Would highly recommend.”

Kylie K, Photographer.

“A really great and laid back tutor with a strong knowledge of the industry and course material.”

Alexander A, Graphic Designer

“As a beginner the instructor de-mystified Photoshop and explained what I will need to do very well. It was excellent”

Trevor C, Cartographer

“The course was fantastic, very easy to follow, but learnt so much as well! Adrian was fantastic!”

Asia T, Marketing Executive

“I really enjoyed this course, it was very interesting and the content and skills learnt will be very useful in the future.”

Kirsten F, Admin Assistant

“This course covered all the basics of Photoshop and is a fabulous introduction to the tools available within the program.”

Kathy M, Photographer

“David was an excellent trainer, very enjoyable and informative course”

Oscar L, Digital Assistant

“David was an excellent tutor. I will be returning to do more courses.”

Erin L, Photographer

“David was a fantastic instructor and I found this course to be invaluable.”

Darren S, Digital Content Manager

“This course has definitely improved my knowledge and empowered me to continue my development on my own.”

Eric M, Digital Services

“Fantastic course, I finally known how to use the program”

Emma P, Communications Advisor

“Really practical, engaging course. Highly recommend!”

Beth C, Digital Engagement Coordinator

“Good course and well presented.”

Norlin S, Occupations Coordinator

“David is a great teacher! I have had him three times now and I love his personal experiences with the programs and how easy he makes daunting programs.”

Shanelle H, Marketing and communications

“David is a fantastic instructor, very easy going, patient and very knowledgeable. The structure of the course makes complete sense and the after-course support is fantastic and really puts the student at the priority. I will be recommending to whoever I can, and will definitely be looking out for more courses.”

Koreen C, Digital Communications Specialist

“Great course thank you David! Extremely knowledgeable and patient instructor, great pace and overall experience.”

Robin T, Crew Instructor

“The Photoshop was great - crazy how much i have learnt in two short days! I didn't feel confident at all with Photoshop prior to this class. I will definitely be coming here to do the InDesign course also, David has been great and very informative!! :)”

Lucy P, Media Consultant

“This course was so great, better than I expected. I now feel confident to go off and use photoshop without help from others, which is exactly what I wanted.”

Bojana M, Marketing Agency Owner

“The skills, knowledge, enthusiasm and life experience of the trainer David, is what made this course exciting and unbelievably fantastic. Thank you”

Annette B, Administrator

“The course was a great overview of Photoshop. David was amazing. We covered a lot over the 2 days but the pace of the course and the simple, in depth explanations made it very easy to keep up and understand. Would highly recommend!”

Abbey S, Graphic Designer

“This course was really exceptional and was above my expectations. The materials provided for the course are so valuable and everything David mentioned is in there. Along with the training manual the examples used in class will jog my memory and be so handy when I go back to the office to use the tools learnt.”

Rachel B, Events Executive

“I've learnt a lot form David, explored many useful skills for editing photos, will definitely be very helpful for my future works!”

Kuo C

“Great introduction to Photoshop! The material was broad and practical and the trainer was very knowledgeable and explained things clearly.”

Stephanie C, eCommerce Photography Manager

“David's demonstrations and relaitability to the real world was a wonderful addition to the course. it was light hearted and full off knowledge. A wonderful course and defiantly coming back.”

Abbie C, Educational Support

“Incredible course. I would recommend this again and again, to people who have never touched photoshop to other designers who have been in the industry for years. Excited to put all this into practise.”

Cat M, Graphic Designer

“David demonstrates obvious passion and love of design and seems to have an incredible knowledge of all of the vast components of PhotoShop. His work in the design industry keeps it all relevant and the stories he tells about the industry are interesting and funny.”

Wendy L, Teacher

“The Photoshop Essentials course gave me a solid foundation on which to build my Photoshop knowledge. I walked away feeling well equipped.”

Gabrielle A, Digital Marketing Coordinator

“Great course, really sharpened my Photoshop skills set.”

Patrick M, Marketing Consultant

“Fantastic course - super interactive and engaging.”

Rachael H, Marketing Manager

“Having never used Photoshop before, this course provided a great foundation for photo editing work I will be doing in the future. The teacher was very engaging and helpful.”

Elsie P, Communications Officer

“Very thorough and easy to understand lesson. Highly recommend the course.”

Gemma P, Marketing & Comms Manager

“I found this course easy to understand and follow. It is highly relevant to my work. I greatly satisfied with the content structure, resources and staff. ”

Natasha E, PR Coordinator

“I have never used Photoshop before. The delivery of the course made it a very positive experience. Thank you David”

Lucy N, Manager

“This is my second course with City Desk and it was fantastic, covered way more than what I expected. The staff are also super helpful and friendly.”

Anna A, Office Manager

“I loved it and will recommend to anyone.”

Tess H, Marketing

“Great content design with well presented trainer”

Vivian J, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

“Fantastic two days which covered everything I needed to know. Thank you!”

Annie L, Retired

“Great course, so happy to have done it and has hugely enhanced skillset!”

Rachel A, Marketing

“Thank You Adrian - the coursewas exactly what I was looking for to improve my knowledge, workflow and quality of image editting.”

Sharon S, Photographer

“This course was relevant and commercially focused. Great motivation to improve my work practices.”

Margaret K, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

“Loved the course and it was taught very well and is very helpful.”

Christelle R, Marketing