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City Desktop Training Reviews

WordPress Testimonials

“Thoroughly enjoyed this course. What I've learnt today, will enable me to take a personal website to the next level and has given me a broader understanding of how it works and flows.”

Rebecca D, Graphic Designer

“WordPress Essentials course with Alice was very well presented and used lots of examples relevant for all attendees.”

Teri L, Account Manager

“A great course, so informative and Alice the trainer was helpful and made us feel very comfortable asking questions.”

Louise N, Product Manager

“Great course. Peter was patient and helpful. I left feeling satisfied that my knowledge had improved.”

Wayne H, Account Manager

“A very informative, well presented course. Highly recommend.”

Nicole D, Graphic Designer

“The WordPress Essentials course was practical and gave me all the answers I needed to expand my knowledge and feel more confident about navigating my own website.”

Michelle F, Executive Assistant 

“This was a wonderful course and Peter was a patient and helpful instructor, I would recommend this course to anyone looking to increase their knowledge of WordPress.”

Angela S

“Amazing course. Very clearly set out and thorough. Gave me all the tools I needed to feel confident to use WordPress effectively.”

Pru M, Student

“Good course to get started with Wordpress and building a simple website. Great advice with plugin options and how to make your website secure. Would recommend to anyone wishing to build their own website.”

Kerrin S, Marketing Manager

“Peter was very patient and friendly. The content was explained clearly and effectively. Would definitely recommend this course to people who want a solid start with word press.”

Laura, Operations Manager

“Peter was fantastic and very knowledgeable, patient and helpful.”

Rebeka M, Concierge

“I've enjoyed learning WP and Peter is an excellent teacher, Thank you.”

Karen M, Nurse

“Peter was lovely and explains everything comprehensively. Helped with all of my questions and now I'm confident enough to start building my own website. Thanks!”

Catherine G, Concierge

“I recommend City Desktop Training to anyone who asks me about web courses. I've done 2 courses now and learnt so much from both and really advanced by skill set. Can't wait to do more!”

Tahlia H, Practise Manager

“Peter was very clear and concise on how he managed the way he delivered the content and was nice and patient. Great knowledge. Great Environment. Just loved it. Cant wait to come back and do the advanced course.”

Vanessa G, Graphic Designer

“Peter's mastery of the content and delivery with practical examples provided an engaging presentation. He really knows his subject matter and was able to bring his vast experience to bear will real life examples of WordPress implementations. Appreciated the extra side-bars to helpful content in the world of website implementation.”

Michael B, Consultant

“The course was very comprehensive and covered a lot of relevant content in a short amount of time. Peter was personable and had a lot of great knowledge.”

Bianca G, Marketing & Digital Coordinator

“Thank you for giving me the knowledge to feel confident to get started on my Wordpress journey!”

Karen N, Executive Assistant

“I thought the course was instructed well, I felt very comfortable in the environment and walked away with a wealth of knowledge.”

Nicole C, Art Director

“Thought the class was very thorough. Showed the main topics and areas of wordpress. Peter was very knowledgeable.”

Amy B, Marketing

“Thank you to Peter for his patience with all questions and his wealth of knowledge.”

Marian H, Adminstration

“With little to no experience with WordPress, the WordPress Essentials course provided practical and easy steps to drastically improve skills associated with web design, security, and functionality.”

Paolo D, Research Consultant

“Great course run by Peter Scott, a wealth of knowledge covering all course information and answering any off-hand questions I fired at him. Would highly recommend!”

Kurt I, Digital Designer

“I was super impressed with the course - the information presented was hugely beneficial and I can't wait to put into practice what I have learned!”

Cindy K, Graphic / Web Designer

“Good course for a basic understanding of how WordPress works, particularly how to use plugins and keeping your website secure.”

Clarice H, Research Assistant

“Peter was extremely patient and knowledgeable and was obviously concerned that the topics covered were of practical use to us.”

Elliot W, Communications Officer

“City Desktop Training was a great fracility. Had a great instructor with in depth knowledge. Great for beginners. Professional but relaxed environment”

Lillian R, EA

“Peter was really great, because he knew what each individual wanted out of the course and made sure that he related things back to what each person would use it for. Really appreciated the personalized information even though in a group setting - also great facilities”

Lilly B, Event Coordinator

“Great course, easy to follow, and the trainer made it very applicable no matter what area/interest you came from.”

Victoria R, Marketing Manager

“definitely a great first step to introduce you to web designing with wordpress. very thorough explanations when answering questions! overall great class”

Tegan E, Marketing Manager

“I found the course easy to follow and the instructor able to answer any question asked. I would recommend this course for anyone needing a basic understanding of Wordpress. Very helpful.”

Michele B, Administration

“Thank you Peter - really appreciated your advice and expert knowledge. Will definitely be putting it into practice.”

Mirjana M, Office Manager

“Peter's knowledge of WordPress was impressive! He was able to answer all my questions, or direct me to where I could find the answers myself.”

Katie D, Marketing and Digital Development

“If you want to learn the basics on WordPress, I'de highly recommend "City Desktop Training". I couldn't complain with the knowledge I picked up today, the trainer was thorough, helpful and organised. I enjoy it very much! Thank you.”

Elyce V, Data Entry & Customer Consultant

“Peter is a very experienced and professional trainer. he conveys the course in a concise and easy to understand manner.”

Aleisha Z, BD Manager

“Great teacher, thorough training overall. Thanks.”

Jessica W, Administration

“This was a great start for WordPress. Thanks Peter.”

Dale C, Administration

“Highly recommend for anyone who needs basic and essential WP knowledge”

Naomi H, Mediator

“Course has given me a good basic understanding of WP.”

Ryan W, Research Manager

“Fabulous - highly recommend City Desktop”

Patricia R, Marketing

“Very helpful in the advanced course with topics being tailored to students needs.”

Rebecca C, Administation

“Been very useful and gained lots of knowledge I would not have gained from the internet”

Rachel A, Communications

“It was great!”

Marina L, Graphic Designer

“Always a great place to learn.”

Patricia T, Graphic Designer

“Great introduction to Wordpress.”

Georgia E, 3D Producer

“Thanks for the WordPress course. Along with my existing knowledge, I am now quite prepared to develop WordPress websites.”

Elizabeth G, Consultant

“A small, friendly class, wonderful teacher and comfortable environment. A valuable experience”

Louise K, Graphic Designer

“great job, good introduction, great trainer.”

Greg R, Treasurer