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“This was hands down the best training that I have done in a long time! Great value for money and I will definitely recommend it to others & I will be back to do the Photoshop course.”

Ann P, Customer Exp. Manager

“This is my 3rd course at City Desktop and I have to say that the trainers are all superb and the courses are very practical, which is great and means that you can go straight back to your workplace and apply what you have learnt.”

Pernilla L, Market. & Comm Director

“My InDesign course with Annette has been a wonderful insight to boost my knowledge and ability to use the software with confidence and a clear direction. The small class set up is fantastic to make sure everyone has one on one time as well. Would highly recommend to colleagues to participate in.”

Emma C, Marketing Coordinator

“Doug was professional, knowledgeable and very friendly. I would highly recommend City Desktop training for the InDesign Essentials course!”

Sophie L, Huon IT

“This was the perfect experience for a crash course in InDesign. Having no knowledge of the program, I now feel confident in my ability to produce marketing materials. The hands on experience and great teacher really helped!”

Rosie G, Marketing Assistant

“Cheryl was very knowledgeable on Indesign and producing documents within Indesign. Not only did she go into great depth about the functions of Indesign, she also went off on very useful tangents on websites for images, free publishing websites and things to remember if we are going to be printing. Cheryl was very helpful and the set up of the course was great. Highly recommend City Desktop Training.”

Caitlin G, Admin & Marketing Asst.

“Another fantastic course at City Desktop Training! The course material is comprehensive and easy to understand. David is a wonderful presenter who adds real-life situations to make the material relevant.”

Bronwyn H, Teacher

“Great facilities, central location, extremely happy finishing the course and walking away with new skills.”

Marc R, Marketing Assistant

“Adrian is a great trainer. I started with no knowledge of InDesign and now feel pretty confident how to use it. It makes a difference with Adrian’s graphic design experience too, being able to ask him industry questions, and being taught to produce work to industry standards makes this course even better.”

Grace G, Marketing Coordinator

“Was great! Had heaps of fun, learnt a lot and would definitely like to take on the next level training as well as a few other sectors, eg; Photoshop. Loved it. Great 2 days.”

Jessica H, Marketing Coordinator

“David’s enthusiasm was infectious and everyone enjoyed his delivery of course. His professionalism and knowledge was outstanding. I was referred to David’s course by a previous participant and will highly recommend him to other staff members.”

Judith B, Cartographer

“I really enjoyed this course. It was particularly useful to learn all the tips and tricks that I think you might struggle to learn otherwise. David was a great trainer - very engaging and an expert in his field.”

Lowen T, Strategic Planner

“Thank you for a fabulous course! David is an exceptional teacher and extremely knowledgeable in InDesign.”

Lisa A, Copywriter, Marketing

“Excellent starting point for someone with no adobe experience whatsoever”

Adam P, Landscape Architect

“Thanks for teaching me the skills to go further, not only in my line of work but for my future venture!”

Kim C, EA

“I found Nikki’s class enjoyable and very informative. Her working knowledge of InDesign will help me complete the everyday tasks that are required for my job.”

Natasha L, Executive Assistant

“Adrian was a great facilitator and delivered an excellent introduction to the ins and outs of Adobe InDesign.”

Abigail J, Admin Assistant

“Adrian was excellent, course was excellent, rooms were excellent.”

Dylan C, Teacher

“It was a pleasure to have attended this training course with Adrian. His skill set and general friendliness made this two day course a delight. At the end I was confident with the new skills that I have learned and taking these skills into my daily work.”

Jeanette C, Executive Officer

“David is a dream instructor and his knowledge phenomenal. His manner is easy and is extremely approachable. Great sense of humour adds to his charm. Totally professional!!”

Shirley E, Executive Assistant

“I enjoyed this two day course immensely. David was a great teacher, he kept things upbeat and fun and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Photoshop. Thank you so much!”

Katelyn C, Development Officer

“This was a great course - I feel full of enthusiasm for Photoshop now and can't wait to get started with my new knowledge.”

Jane P, Business Development

“Fantastic course, very well run. Enjoyable with lots of relevant real world examples. Great pace, would thoroughly recommend to anyone that needs brushing up on their skills.”

Andrew D, Project Marketing Manager

“Thank you David and City Desktop Training for another fantastic course. Highly recommend.”

Janelle, Digital Specialist

“A very good clear introduction and deeper immersion on day 2 into the many tools Photoshop offers. Multiple uses for many different needs. Adrian was a fantastic teacher who went at just the right pace. Small class with hands on examples made it very engaging. Thank You!”

Netta J, Television Broadcast Preparation

“This is my second time training with City Desktop Training and I wasn't disappointed.  The content was perfectly constructed for new users and the trainer, David, was knowledgeable, approachable and very entertaining!”

Ann-Maree G, Event and Project Coordinator

“Great practical class to learn how to best utilise Photoshop. David's industry experience has been invaluable to this course.”

Kevin D, Marketing Graduate

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It clearly covered everything I needed to know and now I feel like I have the skills to use in my career.”

Amanda R, Marketing

“The course was wonderful and Adrian proved to be a fantastic instructor. The content was in a logical format, well thought out and takes beginners a long way from their original/nil skill set. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone looking to start their Photoshop understanding.”

Aimee L, Communications Manager

“Course is excellent! It takes step by step for someone who has no or little knowledge on the subject.  So glad and relieved it wasn't so hard to follow.”

Chi B, Student

“David is an enthusiastic well organised presenter who held on to his class well throughout.  Thank you”

Peter A, Project Manager

“An excellent course for someone with no knowledge of Photoshop. David is a fantastic instructor and was able to contextualise the learning with examples and scenarios.”

Joseph P, Instructor

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The information was relevant and delivered at an even pace. The instructor included practical industry based examples which helped to understand the photoshop tools.”

Georgia B, Marketing Coordinator

“Very informative and useful information. I learnt a lot and would definitely recommend the course to anyone.”

Sophie C, Marketing Coordinator

“Fantastic course, our trainer David was excellent and gave us insightful and interesting real world examples.”

Daniel P, Marketing

“A well designed course presented by a knowledgeable trainer. Would highly recommend.”

Louise M, Events & Marketing

“The course was great, everything explained really clearly and the instructor was fantastic.”

Nathan H, Printer

“Fantastic course, very engaging, great teacher. Would highly recommend.”

Kylie K, Photographer.

“A really great and laid back tutor with a strong knowledge of the industry and course material.”

Alexander A, Graphic Designer

“As a beginner the instructor de-mystified Photoshop and explained what I will need to do very well. It was excellent”

Trevor C, Cartographer

“The course was fantastic, very easy to follow, but learnt so much as well! Adrian was fantastic!”

Asia T, Marketing Executive

“I really enjoyed this course, it was very interesting and the content and skills learnt will be very useful in the future.”

Kirsten F, Admin Assistant

“This course covered all the basics of Photoshop and is a fabulous introduction to the tools available within the program.”

Kathy M, Photographer

“David was an excellent trainer, very enjoyable and informative course”

Oscar L, Digital Assistant

“David was an excellent tutor. I will be returning to do more courses.”

Erin L, Photographer

“David was a fantastic instructor and I found this course to be invaluable.”

Darren S, Digital Content Manager

“This course has definitely improved my knowledge and empowered me to continue my development on my own.”

Eric M, Digital Services

“Fantastic course, I finally known how to use the program”

Emma P, Communications Advisor

“Really practical, engaging course. Highly recommend!”

Beth C, Digital Engagement Coordinator

“Good course and well presented.”

Norlin S, Occupations Coordinator

“David is a great teacher! I have had him three times now and I love his personal experiences with the programs and how easy he makes daunting programs.”

Shanelle H, Marketing and communications

“David is a fantastic instructor, very easy going, patient and very knowledgeable. The structure of the course makes complete sense and the after-course support is fantastic and really puts the student at the priority. I will be recommending to whoever I can, and will definitely be looking out for more courses.”

Koreen C, Digital Communications Specialist

“Great course thank you David! Extremely knowledgeable and patient instructor, great pace and overall experience.”

Robin T, Crew Instructor

“The Photoshop was great - crazy how much i have learnt in two short days! I didn't feel confident at all with Photoshop prior to this class. I will definitely be coming here to do the InDesign course also, David has been great and very informative!! :)”

Lucy P, Media Consultant

“This course was so great, better than I expected. I now feel confident to go off and use photoshop without help from others, which is exactly what I wanted.”

Bojana M, Marketing Agency Owner

“The skills, knowledge, enthusiasm and life experience of the trainer David, is what made this course exciting and unbelievably fantastic. Thank you”

Annette B, Administrator

“The course was a great overview of Photoshop. David was amazing. We covered a lot over the 2 days but the pace of the course and the simple, in depth explanations made it very easy to keep up and understand. Would highly recommend!”

Abbey S, Graphic Designer

“This course was really exceptional and was above my expectations. The materials provided for the course are so valuable and everything David mentioned is in there. Along with the training manual the examples used in class will jog my memory and be so handy when I go back to the office to use the tools learnt.”

Rachel B, Events Executive

“I've learnt a lot form David, explored many useful skills for editing photos, will definitely be very helpful for my future works!”

Kuo C

“Great introduction to Photoshop! The material was broad and practical and the trainer was very knowledgeable and explained things clearly.”

Stephanie C, eCommerce Photography Manager

“David's demonstrations and relaitability to the real world was a wonderful addition to the course. it was light hearted and full off knowledge. A wonderful course and defiantly coming back.”

Abbie C, Educational Support

“Incredible course. I would recommend this again and again, to people who have never touched photoshop to other designers who have been in the industry for years. Excited to put all this into practise.”

Cat M, Graphic Designer

“David demonstrates obvious passion and love of design and seems to have an incredible knowledge of all of the vast components of PhotoShop. His work in the design industry keeps it all relevant and the stories he tells about the industry are interesting and funny.”

Wendy L, Teacher

“The Photoshop Essentials course gave me a solid foundation on which to build my Photoshop knowledge. I walked away feeling well equipped.”

Gabrielle A, Digital Marketing Coordinator

“Great course, really sharpened my Photoshop skills set.”

Patrick M, Marketing Consultant

“Fantastic course - super interactive and engaging.”

Rachael H, Marketing Manager

“Having never used Photoshop before, this course provided a great foundation for photo editing work I will be doing in the future. The teacher was very engaging and helpful.”

Elsie P, Communications Officer

“Very thorough and easy to understand lesson. Highly recommend the course.”

Gemma P, Marketing & Comms Manager

“I found this course easy to understand and follow. It is highly relevant to my work. I greatly satisfied with the content structure, resources and staff. ”

Natasha E, PR Coordinator

“I have never used Photoshop before. The delivery of the course made it a very positive experience. Thank you David”

Lucy N, Manager

“This is my second course with City Desk and it was fantastic, covered way more than what I expected. The staff are also super helpful and friendly.”

Anna A, Office Manager

“I loved it and will recommend to anyone.”

Tess H, Marketing

“Great content design with well presented trainer”

Vivian J, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

“Fantastic two days which covered everything I needed to know. Thank you!”

Annie L, Retired

“Great course, so happy to have done it and has hugely enhanced skillset!”

Rachel A, Marketing

“Thank You Adrian - the coursewas exactly what I was looking for to improve my knowledge, workflow and quality of image editting.”

Sharon S, Photographer

“This course was relevant and commercially focused. Great motivation to improve my work practices.”

Margaret K, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

“Loved the course and it was taught very well and is very helpful.”

Christelle R, Marketing

“City Desktop Training provides practical and professional tuition for all participants regardless of ability, along with a free refresher course if needed! What more could you ask for?”

Jennifer K, Communication Manager

“City Desktop Training is very clear and methodical in its training, allowing students to get a clear understanding from the ground up.”

Alex W, Communications Coordinator

“The two days of Adobe Illustrator Essentials has been a combination of a wonderful presenter in Adrian who explained everything clearly and practical training which will be used in my everyday work - a lot of 'a ha' moments! Thank you.”

Catherine B, Publications

“David once again was absolutely perfect with all of his vast knowledge and expertise within Illustrator, and I'm incredibly grateful and appreciative for all of the knowledge he was able to share with me.”

Jordan S, Web Designer

“Thoroughly enjoyed this course. As someone who is self-taught, this has opened my eyes to all the things I didn't know - I'm looking forward to seeing the improvement in my designs.”

Rebecca D, Graphic Designer

“This course was very helpful in learning how to use the basics of Illustrator. Definitely recommend.”

Kirsten F, Admin Assistant

“The course was very well done and would definitely come back for other Programs. Very informative, helpful and will improve my skills immensely back in the work environment.”

Caitlyn S, Marketing and Communications Officer

“Was a great course and I will recommend to some friends who are interested in computer graphics.”

Imelda L, Manager

“This was a fantastic course! Our trainer David kept it interesting and relevant, as well as easy to understand the whole time. He also provided real industry examples for how we might use the techniques. I had a great time and would highly recommend City Desktop Training!”

Leanne N, Urban Designer

“David has an extreme wealth of knowledge in Adobe Illustrator. His knowledge is only matched by his enthusiasm and patience. I now feel like I can create the images that I see so clearly in my mind, but could not complete. I could not recommend this course more!”

Alexandra D, Illustrator

“David is the best teacher. He explains everything you ask and has so much knowledge. Happy to send some of the artwork I've been doing since my course. Didn't know anything before David's class.”

Tess H, Marketing

“Great course! Gave me the skills I need to head back to work and start illustrating. Our teacher made all the difference. She was clear, patient and engaging.”

Elsie P, Communications Manager

“David is a fantastic tutor and really knows what his talking about but the best part is his passion for the industry.”

Mustafa D

“So happy to have completed the Illustrator Essentials and definitely recommend!”

Mikasha C, Marketing Assistant

“The course was very practical and the lecturer is very knowledgeable. Amazing class! I've learnt a lot.”

Ceara R, Admin Coordinator

“Great course, learnt so much and hope to do the Advanced session”

Debbie S, VST

“I found Annette to be both friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I will definitely promote this course at the company I work in.”

Miriam S, Executive Assistant

“Thank you Cheryl. You were a great trainer and very patient with a new beginner.”

Tanya S, Volunteer Coordinator

“David was a wonderful teacher, I will definitely recommend this to others. Thanks David”

Katie B, Events Manager

“Great lecturer, informative course. Thank you”

Nikki R, Graphics and Marketing

“It was a very informative 2 day course with lots of useful tips!”

Frances S

“Great course, excellent trainer. Would recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to learn Illustrator”

Samantha S, Administration

“Great course for anyone who has no or little experience! Highly Recommend!”

Marco N

“Another fantastic course! very pleased. A little more overlap with InDesign than i was expecting. Learned a lot none the less”

Krystal R, Marketing

“Second course completed here at CDT. I will be back for more.”

Corey L, Bid Coordinator

“Very nice experience with these courses, useful tips and techniques, good environment and atmosphere!”

Kuo C

“Not only are you learning from ADOBE professionals you're learning from people who know how to teach.”

Andrew M, Environmental Consultant

“Really, really great. Fantastic course with a talented teacher!”

Luke J, Media and Communications Advisor

“Great course and well planned.”

Ian J, Rail Communications Officer

“I enjoyed Illustrator Essentials as it taught me a lot about not only the program but different ways of looking at objects.”

Michelle C, Urban Designer

“It was a great course. Very practical and lots of examples. I thoroughly enjoyed the course!”

Genevieve C, Communications Manager

“As always, David was fantastic! Knowledgeable, approachable and a great teacher. Thanks David!”

Kiera J, Admin

“David is an excellent teacher who took the time to check that everyone understood all information and technique. Enjoyed the class thoroughly!”

Dot T, Operations Manager

“I really enjoyed learning about Adobe Illustrator and I cant wait to use these new skills teaching my own students. Great presenter, very knowledgable and patient.”

Gemma B, Secondary Teacher

“A very good course for those completely new to the program.”

Zach S

“This is my third course with CD and with Cheryl. She is fantastic and comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Thanks Cheryl! I'll be back for a refresher course no doubt!”

Kat M, Business Coordinator

“Best Illustrator course I've attended. Our trainer was incredibly knowledgeable.”

Louise B, Research Analyst

“Excellent training session. The trainer really knows his stuff!”

Katrina A, Bid Writer

“Fantastic. Great material and great trainer. Should have done this years ago!!”

William M

“Course was fantastic and David was a great teacher. Very knowledgeable and practical. I would certainly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their ability to play with graphics!”

Anna S, Public Affairs

“Thanks for a very comprehensive course. So full of amazing, practical and fun information and tips. Also appreciated being able to take files away on my USB, and all the extra docs provided. Very happy and can't wait to get back to work and start creating!”

Tracey D, Administrative Assistant

“A really great introduction to Illustrator from a friendly and informed teacher.”

Bronwyn D, Writer & Editor

“Thank-you Adrian, your approach to teaching this course was excellent. Your patience, good nature and personality made the learning experience very enjoyable. I look forward to using my newly learnt skills. :)”

Isabelle S, Marketing Coordinator

“Great course with plenty of relevant topics covered for graphic designers already working in the industry. Highly recommended.”

Jasmin M, Graphic Designer

“Nikki was amazing - understanding and supportive!”

Kristy D, Photographer

“I love Cheryl she's a passionate, patient and skilled teacher!”

Jessica C, Communications Manager

“This course gave me a great grasp on the basics of Adobe Illustrator - and included plenty of practical and easy to understand information. Would definitely recommend for Illustrator beginners.”

Eleanor F, Office Hand

“City Desktop training offers an excellent, personalised learning opportunity with qualified and experienced instructors in a small groups.”

Kerrin S, Marketing & Development Manager

“The illustrator essentials course has given me a strong foundation into starting my journey as a designer. I can walk away now with an understanding of tools and the overall use of the program and I have enough knowledge now to keep growing in this program.”

Zonel H, Student

“A well worth while course which covers a lot of information. Being able to come back for a refresher a great idea.”

Sue H, Event Manager

“David is a terrific trainer, extremely knowledgable and makes the classroom a fab learning environment”

Dawn B, Consultant

“Excellent course! I feel so much more confident in my work and left leaving with a brain full of knowledge! David was absolutely amazing and a fantastic teacher!”

Kelly F, Graphic Designer

“Fantastic and inspiring course with an excellent trainer.”

Tara J, Digital Officer

“The course was fantastic, I was apprehensive specifically about the Illustrator course having negligible experience in illustration and design but even for me, there was a lot of key leanings, useful techniques and practical applications for my role that will help my organisations digital work immeasurably.”

Adam L, Digital Manager

“Fantastic course - trainer was friendly, knowledgeable and course content was practical. Would recommend!”

Ruby M, Communications Officer

“A fantastic, well-paced course. The manual is a great take home resource.”

Fiona M, Publishing

“What a fantastic course. Fast tracked learning at its best.”

Chris H, Teacher

“It was great, learnt heaps”

Demi D, Admin

“Great tutorial”

Richard S, Marketing Manager

“Very informative.”

Joshua M, Product Engineer

“Great course and well planned.”

Ian J, Rail Communications Officer

“Great Course and content”

Josh R, Marketing

“Again David made learning easy.”

Katharina B, Comms Coordinator

“Very good start to understanding Illustrator!”

Brigette W, Marketing Coordinator

“Adrian did a great job at keeping us on time but not feeling rushed. The course itself was really well thought-out and thorough without being overbearing. Would recommend.”

Michael T, Marketing Manager

“A fantastic two days, David was really patient with me and very clear with his communication. So looking forward to coming back for InDesign”

Jane R, Executive Assistant

“Cheryl was very helpful and patient with everyone in the class. Would recommend this course to anyone wanting to expand their Adobe Illustrator skillset.”

Tara F, Media Adivser

“Thanks so much for a fun, creative and engaging two days David! It was such a fantastic course, I would recommend it to anyone and look forward to doing advanced in a few months!”

Hayley E, Publicist

“I was recommended this course by another high school teacher as being a fantastic practical course. I also found this course fantastic and it has given me the confidence to use this program at school.”

Tarli B, Teacher

“I have completed two courses now with City Desktop. I feel so confident now going back to work and implementing what I have learn't. The trainers are amazing and so knowledgeable. I will be coming back for a few more courses soon!”

Liv S, Communications

“One of the best professional development courses I've taken - well paced, engaging and informative. Course resources are excellent and I feel well-equipped to use Illustrator going forward. Thank you!”

Beth C, Digital Engagement Coordinator

“Your course has given me the skills to use Adobe in my daily workflow, efficiently and with confidence.”

Zoe C, Communication

“David is an exceptionally knowledgeable facilitator who shared his experiences and tools and tips. Super helpful!! Best course ever”

Jasmina T, Senior Learning & Development Specialist

“David was one of the best, if not the best course instructors I have ever had. I feel very lucky to have sat in his class and have him share his knowledge! Thanks David.”

Fiona O, Creative Assistant

“This is an excellent course - great value for money. David is absolutely fabulous.. such amazing knowledge for the industry and an asset. Thank you”

Sarah D, Marketing

“David is an amazing teacher, I love how he uses real world examples to relate to the course material. Very knowledgeable and always able to answer any questions.”

Jenna L, Graphic Design

“Illustrator can be an overwhelming program for beginners. At the end of this course I feel comfortable creating and editing designs.”

Clair S, Internal Comms

“For someone who doesn't have the time to explore while working this course has been invaluable. It has enabled me not to be frightened to use unknown fields, faster ways of getting the end result.”

Barbara R, Graphic Designer

“No matter how experienced you are, it's always good to learn how other more experienced designers do things.”

Borzou H, Graphic Designer-IT Specialist

“Great course. Look forward to pursing other related courses in near future.”

Corey L, Bid Coordinator

“Very professional course. Small group training is very valuable.”

Michelle P, Communications Officer

“Awesome course, I didn't think Illustrator would be useful for me in my job but the course was fun, practical and informative!”

Celeste J, Marketing Manager

“Fantastic course, has hugely expanded my knowledge base and I can't believe how much you can actually do with Illustrator. Excited to get going!”

Rachel A, Marketing Manager

“Really loved the course and David is fantastic!”

Nerida B, Elearning Manager

“Nikki was an awesome instructor. thanks”

Kevin R, Teacher

“Great training experience. I would recommend everybody to attend a course like this one.”

Puja D

“Informative and professional.”

Alice J, Product Developer

“An excellent primer on Illustrator, delivered engagingly. Highly recommended.”

Tara J, Digital Officer

“Cannot recommend this training highly enough. The benefits are both numerous and immediately tangible.”

Adam L, Digital Manager

“Really enjoyed the Illustrator Essentials Course in Brisbane - Cheryl is a fantastic trainer and provides real world examples to keep the content relevant.”

Rosie K, Graphic Design Assistant

“Great course with a knowledgeable trainer and practical learning materials. Excellent introduction to the software.”

Keely D, Communications

“If you want to work smarter, not harder, do one of City Desktop's courses.”

An N, Marketing

“The trainer was fantastic, clear and made the training fun and easy to follow - his training style was great.”

Emma B, Bid Coordinator

“Excellent course, very thorough and well presented.”

Claire N, Employee Communications Manager

“David turned the unknown illustrator into the easy to use illustrator”

Sandra C, Facilitator

“I found the course very very helpful and relevant to my requirements. I really enjoyed the instructor and found him very helpful.”

Georgia F, Marketing

“The training was wonderful - definitely improved my knowledge of Illustrator, and i am so looking forward to testing it out on work/my own.”

Hannah C, Consultant

“I did the course and thought the facilitator was so good that i only wanted to do my resit with him. I was disappointed when i couldn't have the same guy but they gave me David and he was even better!”

Jane D, Peer Educator

“The Illustrator course was extremely well done. David or trainer was outstanding and provided all of us with the personal feedback we required along the way.”

Brad R, Operations Director

“Great course, excellent tutor, very knowledgeable, had a great couple of days, I will be back for other courses with City Desktop Training.”

Michala H, Secondary Teacher

“I found the course to be fantastic and very worthwhile. It's definitely taught me a lot”

Belinda R, Sales & Op Manager

“I had no idea how to use Adobe Illustrator before this class and was a little nervous. The after support offered and training is great - I can now go ahead and use it!”

Leigh J, Government Relations Adviser

“I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to advance their skills in Illustrator. I came with a basic knowledge and now believe I have the skills needed to surpass my daily needs for the program.”

Olivia B, Marketing and Tender Coordinator

“Very thorough training, great course material.”

Claire W

“Iian is a great trainer for both InDesign and Illustrator and it was a great course to brush up and improve my knowledge of Illustrator so that I can use it in every day work and personal work”

Joshua V, National IT Manager

“Excellent course! Well balanced and paced. Definitely left it knowing heaps more than I did prior to sitting the course. Would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their illustrator skills.”

Pierre D

“Can't make any suggestions to improve the Illustrator Advanced course- seriously awesome course and has really improved my knowledge! Dave was an excellent instructor - highly recommend!”

Annie N, Graphic Designer

“This course was excellent, a really knowledgeable and brilliant facilitator.”

Carol N, eLearning Design and Developer

“I enjoyed the class and have learnt a few handy hints that will come in handy when I am making the graphs.”

Catherine S, Team Assistant

“Very interesting and informative class that provides you lots of opportunity to learn.”

Fiona D, Digital Marketing Manager

“Iain was very knowledgable and kind, no question was too silly and I am a complete Mac and Design rookie, so very much appreciated his help”

Amanda M, Executive Assistant

“David was an excellent teacher! Very patient and thorough and showed real life practical examples and ways to use what was taught in everyday workplace.”

Tessa Z, Designer

“David as always is fantastic, would highly recommend him and the Adobe courses he teaches.”

Priyanka W, Marketing

“Great training - I keep coming back!”

Kristy E, Education Officer

“It was amazing...Adrian went with whatever we required. Excellent all around!!! One of the best PD's I have even done”

Jenny K, Art Teacher

“Adrian was incredibly patient and helpful with all aspects. His friendly demeanour made us feel confident and he answered all of our questions with ease and additional demonstrations.”

Rachel W, Teacher

“Thanks David for opening the world of Illustrator. Wow I cant wait to play around and see what I can create.”

Halley S, Marketing Manager

“Annette is wonderfully patient and quickly adapted to my learning style.”

John B, Web Designer

“David has been great, his expertise and knowledge is amazing. He has really practical examples that you can put to practice right away.”

Fabiola R, Marketing Officer

“A valuable course. I will be applying my knowledge straight away in my work.”

Florienne L, External Relations Manager

“Being the third time I'm attending to one of your courses says it all. Great material, great teaching, great practice”

Pamela S, Admin

“The course leader, Cheryl was awesome. She was articulate and very knowledgeable on the subject matter.”

Kellie B

“Adrian was great and very knowledgeable”

Shareen B, Project Coordinator

“Good course, good instructor.”

James P, Media and Communications Advisor

“Great experience to take the short training course.”

Simian L, Admin Assistant

“Its well paced and very interactive.”

Zafana H, Prepress

“Ben was a great trainer for the Adobe premiere Pro course - he was clearly very knowledgeable and stepped through the course in a very structured and easy to follow way. This course is perfect for beginners who have never even opened the program!”

Sarah S, Marketing and Publicity Coordinator

“Ben was excellent! His course was easy to understand & at a pace that was on point. I will be back to take the advanced course for sure!”

Brett G, Photographer

“The trainer was extremely knowledgable and had an excellent way of explaining the software and techniques. I have acquired valuable skills which can be applied to my practice.”

Jacqui M, Senior Digital Communications Adviser

“After trying to learn Premiere Pro on various online videos, was so good to attend this class and get a solid understanding of the program and setting up a proper workflow practices.”

Nathalie S, Digital Marketing Specialist

“Thank you for two days of great training. I really learnt heaps in the Premiere Pro. Ben was a great trainer who explained the basics really well which helped when we started working in the program.”

Isadora M, Content and Communications Coordinator

“Ben was an excellent teacher. His knowledge of Premiere Pro was of an extremely high level and he was very personable and charismatic. He made the class highly engaging and his knowledge of topics around movie-making themes, beyond simply how to use Premiere Pro, was a great added bonus.”

Justin B, Marketing and Events Coordinator

“The training facilities provided by Desktop Training are very impressive and a pleasure to work in. The trainer and his knowledge of the course made for easy learning. I would recommend Desktop Training to anyone who is interested in furthering their knowledge.”

Stephen W, Drone Operator

“This was a fantastic course. I only knew the basics of Premiere Pro and was mainly self taught so it was great to learn the faster and more convenient ways of using the program”

Camilla C, Digital Content Producer

“Ben was a great trainer - everything was explained thoroughly and he was very approachable! Looking forward to putting the lessons learnt into practice.”

Tahlia S, Communications & Engagement Advisor

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course, Ben has an excellent knowledge of the program and kept the pace at a great speed. Feel that I came away able to utilise the skills immediately in my working environment.”

Kim J, Multimedia Manager

“Overall a good training experience. Ben was a good presenter - funny too, which makes the course more interesting and entertaining.”

Jessica Y, Graphic Designer

“Ben was just phenomenal with his teaching. I wish he could be my lecturer for my other courses”

Isaac K, Student

“I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn how to start editing, very informative and very well done! The teachers are also super friendly and helpful.”

Zoe K, Producer

“I came into the course with no knowledge of creating videos - now, i feel very comfortable in creating a short, simple video for work.”

Natalie B, Journalist

“The Adobe Premier Pro tutorial was really helpful in learning the very basic editing skills to the more refined, in-depth programs tips and tricks that you wouldn't otherwise learn through self taught techniques. This course really helped me to explore the many editing tools available on Adobe Premier Pro that I didn't know existed prior to taking the course.”

Jessica M, Marketing and Communications Assistant

“This was a great class to look at refining skills, understanding the user platform and what it can do. I am looking forward to a more advanced level of editing within the next premier Pro course after after effects!”

Ashley L, Digital Marketing

“Fantastic course - would highly recommend to anyone wanting a great base of knowledge in Premiere Pro!”

Belinda Y, Employee Experience

“Really enjoyed the course, easy to follow and has provided me with the best skills to get started”

Natasha D, Marketing & Communications Executive

“This is the 3rd course i have attended a City Desktop Training Course and cannot fault the course. Ben is a great teacher and understands everyones skill levels without being painfully slow. Highly Recommended”

Keiran H, Digital Production Manager

“It was wonderful to catch up with Ben again. He taught me how to use After Effects and made learning Premiere Pro fun and enjoyable.”

Jen G, Designer

“City Desktop Training was well-organised and was taught at a great pace for the whole class. The facilities were nice and the location great!”

Brooke J, Digital Advisor

“Highly recommend the course. Ben was a great teacher. Very well organised and it has improved my knowledge greatly.”

Janelle F, Communications Digital Specialist

“Very good background info to set the student with the right basics. Info is practical and well presented. Well worth doing!”

Nicholas Y, Graphic Designer

“I would recommend this course for anyone, it covers the 'essentials' and I feel I will be able to use this immediately.”

Louise B, Marketing Coordinator

“The course was great! I have had previous experience with Premiere Pro but this has made me feel more comfortable with producing high quality videos.”

Brendan D, Gazette Publishing Coordinator

“The Adobe Premiere course has provided me with great insight into how to start editing videos for social media. It will provide a great addition to my skill set.”

Emma E, Marketing and Comms Officer

“Great class, learnt a lot. Would highly recommend.”

Allison P, Graphic Designer

“This was such a great course! Runs at a good pace and you don't need to have prior knowledge. I contemplated trying to learn this program myself and I am so glad that I enrolled and did it with a trainer, most importantly because we learnt good work processes which will have me working as a professional and not an ammeter, and the constant reinforcement on starting your files and using shortcuts. Annette was fantastic and i'm feeling confident to be able to edit videos myself at work now.”

Katie S, Graphic Designer

“Again thank you Annette your courses are certainly user friendly easy to follow and a great teacher!”

Jo J, Graphic Designer

“Really well organised and well run course. Learnt a lot in a short amount of time.”

Jabba B, Executive Digital Producer

“This was an amazing course that helped me understand how to use Adobe Premier Pro. I am so excited to execute what I have learnt”

Nadia K, Digital and Social Media Strategist

“I would recommend anyone thinking of trying editing to come and learn with City Desktop Training.”

Josephine D, Producer

“Great course, well explained. I now have a comprehensive understanding of Premiere Pro which I didn't get from watching online tutorials.”

Jarrod M, Site Manager

“Thank you City Desktop Training, I'm walking away today with the technical and practice knowledge I need to further my career in Marketing.”

Tanya M, Marketing Professional

“Ben was knowledgable and provided easy to follow instructions. My questions were answered completely and I now have a better understanding of how to use Premiere Pro. Thanks City Desktop Training.”

Steven J, Instructional Designer

“This is a great establishment, everyone is so welcoming, engaging and down to earth. I was lucky enough to of met the founder and can see why this place runs so well. This was a resit for me and was so happy I had the option to do so within the first 6 months for free, I have walked away feeling so confident and by doing the resit I could even see how much I did learn from the original session. I look forward to attending more training sessions. Thank you”

Heidi B, Videographer

“Great high level teaching giving me an overview of the software's capabilities and getting me started off right.”

George G, elearning Consultant

“City Desktop training provides practical and expert instruction to give you the best chance to succeed in video editing in your workplace!”

Jennifer K, Communications Manager

“City Desktop Training is an excellent way to improve existing skills. The two days flew by but the knowledge retained reflects the way in which the training is presented.”

Catherine B, Communication Manager

“Course was great. Premier is incredibly powerful and Annette was very knowledgeable and patient.”

James J, Audio Engineer

“Fantastic. Love the session. Looking forward to attend the advanced. Thank you Annette :-)”

Jenny P, Manager

“Great introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro. Planning on coming back to do the Advanced course. Trainer was very knowledgeable.”

Stephanie L, Digital Communications Officer

“The City Desktop Training Pr Pro course was fantastic. It touched upon all the essentials to commence my own video editing. I had no knowledge of the program, however feel confident to work with the program”

Rod H, Marketing

“Was a really interesting course, inspiring to learn more and explore the endless possibilities.”

Lisa M, Art Director

“Practical course, with a knowledgable trainer and a good pace!”

Sarah N, Communications

“Annette's passion for her craft and wealth of industry knowledge was interesting and inspiring. We crammed as much as possible in to our two days of one on one learning, setting new challenges, coming up with creative solutions. Many thanks I've really enjoyed it and feel that After Effects is embedded into my brain.”

Sean D, Head of Studio

“It was an informative and enjoyable two days, and will help be greatly in my workplace.”

Georgina H, Teacher

“This was a terrific course - really worthwhile - very friendly and supportive”

Philip D, Anthropologist

“Really great interactive content to introduce you to Premiere Pro. ”

Chris M, Content Developer

“Really worthwhile, great teacher, easy to follow.”

Talitha R, Photographer

“Fantastic course, great pace which made it stick”

Tony H, Photographer

“A great course; relevant and appropriate for media users.”

Nicola S, Teacher

“Amazing instruction and in-depth explanations.”

Jessica M, Senior Digital Content Producer

“Very informative and easy to follow - the shortcuts were particularly helpful”

Laura , Advisor

“Great foundation, tips and tricks of how best to create a video in premier pro.”

Daphne D, Graphic Designer

“The Adobe After Effects course with Annette was fantastic. My mind is totally blown...and exceedingly full. I can't wait to get editing back at work. Thanks for the expertise, training and assistance.”

Heidi B, Marketing Comms Specialist

“:) This was an amazing course and Annette is a wealth of knowledge. Highly recommended.”

Laura B, Digital Designer

“I had a great experience. Annette was so knowledgeable and friendly. A wealth of information!”

Daniel B, Video Content Producer

“Highly satisfied with the service and my trainer was very experienced and was able to answer all questions put to him.”

William T, Student

“I've come out of this course with a lot more well-rounded knowledge of After Effects. I now feel like I have a lot more control and confidence in my creative output. Thank you!”

Emma C, Graphic Designer

“A great experience. Exactly what i signed up for. Exercises were practical and clearly explained by Ben.”

Aana J, Graphic Designer

“Great course, easy to follow along. Ben explained everything very clearly and supplied a range of resources to take at the end so I can refer back.”

Aleen B, Graphic Designer

“Fantastic course for beginners to really learn the fundamentals of After Effects, touching on some of the program's more complex potential. Well paced and thoroughly explained every step of the way”

Rika B, Film Editor

“It was a thorough grounding in the basics of After Effects that I found really useful and I'm sure it will help me use the program a lot more efficiently from now on.”

Lorna J, Video Editor

“I've now done City Desktop courses in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects over the course of 5 years. Will probably be back to do Premiere Pro...think that probably says it all.”

Samantha G, Project Marketing Manager

“I have completed several courses with City Desktop and every time, I have left feeling confident in my skills and fired up to be creative! The classes are small, the course content is relevant and the location is great. Kudos to the team for being so up to date with the latest Adobe products.”

Kristen, Teacher

“Fantastic Course for anyone wanting to learn the basics of this Software. Small class sizes means there is time for individual questions.”

Elspeth C, Teacher

“Wonderful, friendly and engaging teacher! Very understanding and made sure no question asked felt like a silly one.”

Dominique M, Creative Artworker

“I really learned a lot and so much was shown in such a short period of time. Annette gave us a lot of references to practice on and thats how we really learn After Effects. Thank you!”

Louise C, Multimedia Specialist

“This course was well planned and well explained to the audience. I seriously recommend it to everyone who intend to produce type animations and adds.”

Eddie C, Graphic Designer

“Good course, given me the confidence to create! Ben is a top trainer who balances keeping the course moving with helping individually well”

Michael W, Multimedia Developer

“This was a great course! I already knew a bit about After Effects but this course really helped with making sense of everything and teaching some handy techniques!”

Adele J, Sales and Marketing Assistant

“Loved the course! The examples were clear and practical and I gained a lot of new skills”

Jacqui M, Senior Digital Communications Adviser

“Ben was super knowledgeable and obviously has a lot of experience. Thanks for you insights.”

Dean P, Multimedia Advisor

“Annette Rays is a genius and a gem.”

Luke M, Producer

“Helpful course that provided a basic understanding of how the software works and how it can be used”

Zoe S, Scientist

“City Desktop was professional, helpful and gave me a very good base for After Effects.”

Bianca B, Digital Marketing

“Fantastic, knowledgable teacher. With great exercises.”

Amelia W, Video Producer

“Great course content for graphic designers like myself looking to discover what After Effects has to offer.”

Robyn M, Graphic Designer

“Ben was very thorough with his step-by-step teaching of the Adobe After Effects program, which made it very satisfying and interesting to attend. Highly recommended for beginners with exciting results in each exercise that was achieved.”

Ronald C, Graphic Designer

“As always, Annette was extremely professional and took the time to ensure all of my questions were answered. A very comprehensive class that left me confident that I will be able to master After Effects. Thanks”

Brook W, Graphic Designer

“Ben is an excellent and practical teacher. This is the second course I have attended that he has taught and take away heaps each time. He does an excellent job of tailoring his explanation to a wide range of skill levels.”

Matthew S, Lecturer

“This course is really practical and a great way to learn After Effects - I tried to teach myself using tutorials online and gave up in frustration. Having someone take me through has dramatically increased my knowledge and I feel confident to start using the program in my work - thank you!”

Harriet S

“With no prior knowledge, I now feel comfortable creating basic motion graphics.”

Michelle M, Designer

“I absolutely loved this course and would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in motion graphics.”

Simone C, Graphic Designer

“Ben was great! Knowledgable and extremely patient. Love every minute”

Larry C, Digital Content Producer

“Course was beneficial and look forward to spending more time investigating the full benefits of the program. I came away with the basic knowledge and now it's up to me to put that into practice.”

Sue H, Graphic Designer

“Great course! Great teacher. Learnt so much in 2 days that I haven't in years.”

Claire P, Video Editor

“Annette was patient with the class, and is extremely passionate about the course work which makes it enjoyable to learn.”

Jacqui K

“Annette is a star, patient and always has another way of explaining things should you not understand.”

Daniel M, Art Director

“Always great courses and up to date information!”

Adam G, Cameraman Editor

“Fantastic course and Annette was fantastic presenting the tutorial.”

Karen T, Graphic Designer

“Thanks so much to Annette, she was a fantastic tutor and her knowledge was second to none.”

Paul M, Retoucher

“Ben was really helpful and thorough”

Rebecca D, Graphic Designer

“A great course. Really opened my eyes to what After Effects is capable of.”

Jon H, Graphic Designer

“Ben was very knowledgeable and patient. Great course content and enjoyable course.”

Joel K, Digital Content Adviser

“Highly instructive course that covered a variety of content.”

Lee R, Marketing Coordinator

“This is great. I especially like the free refresher course.”

Toby C, Comms officer

“Great course! Well worth it!”

Natasha D, Marketing Executive

“Wonderful program and would recommend to others!!”

Harry M, Student

“Was a great course, practical and hands on!”

Lauren S, MKT Specialist

“This course was great to introduce After Effects to those wanting to learn the fundamentals.”

Acacia S, Agency owner

“A great course. Would recommend to anyone wanting to know how to use After Effects.”

Anne R, Self-employed

“Thoroughly enjoyed this course. What I've learnt today, will enable me to take a personal website to the next level and has given me a broader understanding of how it works and flows.”

Rebecca D, Graphic Designer

“WordPress Essentials course with Alice was very well presented and used lots of examples relevant for all attendees.”

Teri L, Account Manager

“A great course, so informative and Alice the trainer was helpful and made us feel very comfortable asking questions.”

Louise N, Product Manager

“Great course. Peter was patient and helpful. I left feeling satisfied that my knowledge had improved.”

Wayne H, Account Manager

“A very informative, well presented course. Highly recommend.”

Nicole D, Graphic Designer

“The WordPress Essentials course was practical and gave me all the answers I needed to expand my knowledge and feel more confident about navigating my own website.”

Michelle F, Executive Assistant 

“This was a wonderful course and Peter was a patient and helpful instructor, I would recommend this course to anyone looking to increase their knowledge of WordPress.”

Angela S

“Amazing course. Very clearly set out and thorough. Gave me all the tools I needed to feel confident to use WordPress effectively.”

Pru M, Student

“Good course to get started with WordPress and building a simple website. Great advice with plugin options and how to make your website secure. Would recommend to anyone wishing to build their own website.”

Kerrin S, Marketing Manager

“Peter was very patient and friendly. The content was explained clearly and effectively. Would definitely recommend this course to people who want a solid start with word press.”

Laura, Operations Manager

“Peter was fantastic and very knowledgeable, patient and helpful.”

Rebeka M, Concierge

“I've enjoyed learning WP and Peter is an excellent teacher, Thank you.”

Karen M, Nurse

“Peter was lovely and explains everything comprehensively. Helped with all of my questions and now I'm confident enough to start building my own website. Thanks!”

Catherine G, Concierge

“I recommend City Desktop Training to anyone who asks me about web courses. I've done 2 courses now and learnt so much from both and really advanced by skill set. Can't wait to do more!”

Tahlia H, Practise Manager

“Peter was very clear and concise on how he managed the way he delivered the content and was nice and patient. Great knowledge. Great Environment. Just loved it. Cant wait to come back and do the advanced course.”

Vanessa G, Graphic Designer

“Peter's mastery of the content and delivery with practical examples provided an engaging presentation. He really knows his subject matter and was able to bring his vast experience to bear will real life examples of WordPress implementations. Appreciated the extra side-bars to helpful content in the world of website implementation.”

Michael B, Consultant

“The course was very comprehensive and covered a lot of relevant content in a short amount of time. Peter was personable and had a lot of great knowledge.”

Bianca G, Marketing & Digital Coordinator

“Thank you for giving me the knowledge to feel confident to get started on my WordPress journey!”

Karen N, Executive Assistant

“I thought the course was instructed well, I felt very comfortable in the environment and walked away with a wealth of knowledge.”

Nicole C, Art Director

“Thought the class was very thorough. Showed the main topics and areas of wordpress. Peter was very knowledgeable.”

Amy B, Marketing

“Thank you to Peter for his patience with all questions and his wealth of knowledge.”

Marian H, Adminstration

“With little to no experience with WordPress, the WordPress Essentials course provided practical and easy steps to drastically improve skills associated with web design, security, and functionality.”

Paolo D, Research Consultant

“Great course run by Peter Scott, a wealth of knowledge covering all course information and answering any off-hand questions I fired at him. Would highly recommend!”

Kurt I, Digital Designer

“I was super impressed with the course - the information presented was hugely beneficial and I can't wait to put into practice what I have learned!”

Cindy K, Graphic / Web Designer

“Good course for a basic understanding of how WordPress works, particularly how to use plugins and keeping your website secure.”

Clarice H, Research Assistant

“Peter was extremely patient and knowledgeable and was obviously concerned that the topics covered were of practical use to us.”

Elliot W, Communications Officer

“City Desktop Training was a great fracility. Had a great instructor with in depth knowledge. Great for beginners. Professional but relaxed environment”

Lillian R, EA

“Peter was really great, because he knew what each individual wanted out of the course and made sure that he related things back to what each person would use it for. Really appreciated the personalized information even though in a group setting - also great facilities”

Lilly B, Event Coordinator

“Great course, easy to follow, and the trainer made it very applicable no matter what area/interest you came from.”

Victoria R, Marketing Manager

“definitely a great first step to introduce you to web designing with wordpress. very thorough explanations when answering questions! overall great class”

Tegan E, Marketing Manager

“I found the course easy to follow and the instructor able to answer any question asked. I would recommend this course for anyone needing a basic understanding of WordPress. Very helpful.”

Michele B, Administration

“Thank you Peter - really appreciated your advice and expert knowledge. Will definitely be putting it into practice.”

Mirjana M, Office Manager

“Peter's knowledge of WordPress was impressive! He was able to answer all my questions, or direct me to where I could find the answers myself.”

Katie D, Marketing and Digital Development

“If you want to learn the basics on WordPress, I'de highly recommend "City Desktop Training". I couldn't complain with the knowledge I picked up today, the trainer was thorough, helpful and organised. I enjoy it very much! Thank you.”

Elyce V, Data Entry & Customer Consultant

“Peter is a very experienced and professional trainer. he conveys the course in a concise and easy to understand manner.”

Aleisha Z, BD Manager

“Great teacher, thorough training overall. Thanks.”

Jessica W, Administration

“This was a great start for WordPress. Thanks Peter.”

Dale C, Administration

“Highly recommend for anyone who needs basic and essential WP knowledge”

Naomi H, Mediator

“Course has given me a good basic understanding of WP.”

Ryan W, Research Manager

“Fabulous - highly recommend City Desktop”

Patricia R, Marketing

“Very helpful in the advanced course with topics being tailored to students needs.”

Rebecca C, Administation

“Been very useful and gained lots of knowledge I would not have gained from the internet”

Rachel A, Communications

“It was great!”

Marina L, Graphic Designer

“Always a great place to learn.”

Patricia T, Graphic Designer

“Great introduction to WordPress.”

Georgia E, 3D Producer

“Thanks for the WordPress course. Along with my existing knowledge, I am now quite prepared to develop WordPress websites.”

Elizabeth G, Consultant

“A small, friendly class, wonderful teacher and comfortable environment. A valuable experience”

Louise K, Graphic Designer

“great job, good introduction, great trainer.”

Greg R, Treasurer