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Digital Publishing Courses

Having trouble working out which digital publishing medium is best for you? Let us help.

Create Interactive PDFs

Turn existing InDesign files into interactive PDFs that can be distributed by email or downloaded from your website. Reduce your print costs for Annual Reports, Catalogues, Company Brochures etc and add interactivity, navigation, video and functionality that helps your readers find the information they want faster. Interactive PDFs are not limited to printed materials - you can also create stylish and professional presentations, adding special effects such as page transitions and animations to emphasise your message.
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Create Apps for Tablets and Smartphones

The world has embraced tablets in a big way. Every business wants a great iPad App but most are unaware that they can build their own using nothing more than InDesign. Like interactive PDFs, you can use your existing InDesign files for magazines, catalogues, learning materials etc to create Apps that can be viewed on Tablets and Smartphones. Apps offer even more interactivity options and features such as image sequences, interactive slide-shows, 360° panoramas etc. Once you’ve created your App, you can share the contents using the free Adobe Content Viewer, or, if you want to publish in stores like iTunes, you’ll need a need to explore publishing solutions like a Professional or Enterprise agreement with Adobe or a third party provider. 
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Create eBooks for Kindle, Kobo etc...

Are you looking to digitally publish a book? Leverage the layout capabilities of InDesign and easily export out an eBook that will look great on everything from a Kindle to a Nook to an ereader on an iPad. There are two options for publishing eBooks: Reflowable epubs do have limited layout options and less interactivity, but do allow the inclusion of images, video and audio. Fixed layout epubs have richer interactivity including slideshows, animations, trigger buttons, and more.
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Create Interactive PDFs

Create Interactive PDFs

Annual Reports, Catalogues, Brochures, Presentations
Hyperlinks | Buttons | Navigation | Page Transitions | Animations | Audio | Video

Many InDesign users are unaware of the huge range of multimedia and interactive components that can be added to their existing InDesign files to convert them into interactive PDFs. Everything from simple hyperlinks and interactive buttons through to animations and video content will combine to create a great user experience and user engagement.

In a nutshell:

  • Use existing InDesign files - no need to reinvent the wheel
  • Reduce printing costs and get your documents out faster
  • PDF is a universal standard and files can easily be viewed on and offline
  • Design and produce a great user experience and user engagement
  • Users can quickly and easily search and find the content they want
  • Found a mistake or information has changed? ...easily update and re-export

Can be viewed on: Computers, Smartphones and Tablets (though limited interactivity on some devices)

TIP: As impressive as the interactive features within PDFs can be they do not always work on all devices. As a consequence critical document information should never be included within interactive elements.

Create Interactive PDFs Example
Create Apps for Tablets and Smartphones

Create Apps for Tablets and Smartphones

Hyperlinks | Buttons | Slide Shows | Image Sequences | Audio | Video | Panoramas | Web Content | Pan & Zoom | Scrollable Frames

The Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) is built into InDesign which means that you can start building Apps with InDesign straight out of the box. The Folio Overlays and Folio Builder panels allow you to not only add a wide range of tablet specific interactivity to your InDesign documents but to also assemble them into an App.

In a nutshell:

  • App creation tools built into InDesign.
  • Easily add interactive content like image sequences and panoramas that can’t be displayed within PDFs or eBooks.
  • With the right kind of publishing solution you can: Create stand-alone Apps like a company profile or an annual report.
  • Create Apps that can be regularly updated with new content like monthly magazines.

Tip: Apple has been known to reject an App that it feels would be better delivered as an eBook (ePub). You can help avoid this happening to any text heavy Apps by ensuring that you have multimedia or interactive components such as video or slide shows.

Please note that we no longer off training for this course.


Create Apps for Tablets and Smartphones Example

Create eBooks for Kindle, Kobo etc...

Create eBooks for Kindle, Kobo etc...

Ideal for the self-publishing author

In essence an eBook is a collection of HTML and CSS code. You could technically code an eBook by hand or use an HTML editor but there is no need given the incredible formatting strengths of InDesign. With the use of features like Paragraph Styles and an ability to automatically generate a Table of Contents, InDesign allows you to not only format your book but to also intelligently carry that formatting and navigation through the export process and into the final eBook.

Audio and video can be included in ePubs but not all eReading devices have the ability to play them.

The ePub 2 standard is currently well supported and ePub 3, which includes more advanced formatting features such as multiple columns and mathematical symbols, is gradually being taken up by newer devices.

If you need to learn how to create eBooks for viewing on eReaders such as Kindle, Kobo and iBooks on iPad this course teaches you how.

This course is now only offered as private training.

Create eBooks for Kindle, Kobo etc... Example