HTML & HTML5 Courses

HTML and CSS are the languages of the web, email and even apps.

Whether you plan to code from scratch as a front-end web developer or plan to use a web authoring tool, such as Dreamweaver, WordPress or a CMS that generates the code for you, having a solid understanding of HTML is essential. Build on that knowledge to precisely control the design of your work and implement responsive layouts for multiple devices with CSS.

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HTML & CSS Short Courses

  • Gain a great overview of the web design process, learn HTML fundamentals, find out what all those web acronyms really mean and dip your toes into CSS. This course is an essential kickstart for all of our web development courses, but is also great as a standalone course for anyone who needs to edit web pages, work with a content management system, maintain websites or go on to more advanced topics.
    1 Day | 9–4:30pm
    $540 $486 (+GST)
  • Use new HTML5 semantic markup, optimise images, embed live content like maps or YouTube videos and integrate social media. Implement and fine-tune CSS styles for page layout, positioning, typography, navigation and more.

    Upload files to the server and learn reliable testing techniques for a range of browsers.

    Use Mobile First workflow to create stunning sites that adapt easily and beautifully to mobile, tablet and computer screens. Implement CSS media queries and establish break points to suit your content. Code stylish full screen backgrounds, fixed elements and apply new CSS3 visual effects.
    2 Days | 9–4:30pm
    $990 $891 (+GST)
  • Create e-marketing materials, EDMs, email templates, HTML newsletters that look great on mobile devices as well as desktop screens. You’ll learn the most up to date and reliable coding techniques, ensuring that your templates work in all email programs, from Outlook to Gmail.
    2 Days | 9–4:30pm
    $990 $891 (+GST)