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HTML & CSS Courses

HTML and CSS are the languages of the web, email and even apps.

Whether you plan to code from scratch as a front-end web developer or plan to use a web authoring tool, such as Dreamweaver, WordPress or a CMS that generates the code for you, having a solid understanding of HTML is essential. Build on that knowledge to precisely control the design of your work and implement responsive layouts for multiple devices with CSS.

All our web courses are now offered at The Web School, please visit HTML & CSS Courses.

HTML & CSS Short Courses

  • HTML & Web

    Gain an understanding of HTML basics, find out what all those web acronyms mean, dip your toes into CSS. This course is a prerequisite to creating websites and HTML email newsletters.
  • Responsive HTML

    Need to know how to design and produce results-driven email marketing campaigns? We can teach you how to plan, design and build responsive HTML emails that will have you achieving excellent results.
  • CSS Essentials
    Web Design

    CSS is the key to precise and effective design control of websites. Fluid or fixed layouts for desktop or mobile, CSS is the language that implements your creativity.
  • HTML5
    & CSS3

    HTML5 brings video, audio, dynamic form elements and structural efficiency, integrating with CSS3's beautiful new effects & responsive layout.
The Web School Australia

The scope of web design and web development has become so vast, that we now have dedicated our web division – to it’s own website.

We are continuing to run short courses, and also longer term certificate courses that are geared to taking on new career opportunities.
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