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Adobe Animate Courses

Create cutting-edge interactive animations that can be published to multiple platforms. Learn professional techniques (live online or face-to-face courses) in building animations and interactivity (including correct click-through code for advertising services - DFP DoubleClick for Publishers) that will run smoothly and consistently on iPhones, iPads, mobiles, tablets and computers.

With an intuitive interface, that will be familiar to past Flash users, Animate offers tools for design, animation and coding, and integrates with Photoshop and Illustrator. Animate seamlessly produces the HTML5, CSS and JavaScript required for HTML5 banner ads and web elements. No previous coding experience is necessary.

At City Desktop Training – an Adobe Authorised Training Centre – upon course completion participants receive a Certificate endorsed by Adobe.

  • Training Modules (Overview only)

    • Animate Fundamentals
    • Drawing in Animate
    • Banner Ads
    • Importing Bitmapped Images
    • Importing Vector Graphics
    • Animation Techniques
    • Symbols
    • Interactivity and Coding
    • Output
  • What You Get

    • Adobe Classroom in a Book eBook
    • Class exercises relevant to industry
    • Adobe Authorised Certificate
    • Choice of Mac or PC
    • After Course Support
    • Free Course Resit (9 months)*
    • Small Classes (average 4 to 6)

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2 Days | 9am - 4:30pm

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Course Outline

Animate Basics

  • What Animate does, and how it works
  • About Vector graphics and bitmaps
  • The Animate workspace
  • Setting Stage dimensions, background colour, frame rate and scaling options

Drawing in Animate

  • Using the Animate drawing tools – the paint brush, shape tools
  • Shape and Object drawing modes
  • Applying arrowheads and variable line widths
  • Selecting and applying colours
  • Creating complex elements by merging and subtracting
  • Grouping elements
  • Stacking order
  • Scaling and rotating elements

Banner Ads

  • Optimising content and animation for file size
  • Adding Click Through code to html file
  • Adding Click Through code to Ad
  • Correct export settings for an Ad

Importing Bitmapped Images

  • Understanding file formats and how they are optimised by Animate
  • Importing from Photoshop
  • Importing from Illustrator
  • Asset preparation – understanding compression and file size

Importing Vector Graphics

  • Importing content from Illustrator

Animation Techniques

  • Understanding Keyframes and tweens
  • Motion Tweening
  • Classic Tweening
  • Shape Tweening
  • Start and End Points
  • Multiple Keyframes
  • Simple Easing
  • Animating text
  • Animating fades and colour effects
  • Morph between shapes


  • Understanding the different symbol types
  • Complex animation with symbols
  • Creating reusable elements
  • Editing instances
  • Editing original symbols

Interactivity and Coding

  • Adding simple scripts using code snippets
  • Stopping a movie
  • Creating simple interactive elements with button symbols


  • Exporting video
  • Publish settings for HTML5