Captivate Essentials Course

Get up to speed quickly with our 2 day Essentials course. Learn best practices and efficient workflows to create and publish demonstrations, simulations, and assessments that incorporate a rich variety of multimedia content. Our Captivate trainers are industry experienced and consult on Captivate projects when not training, so you’re guaranteed real world tips and advice on all things relating to elearning.

Adobe Captivate features include: Access to 25,000+ elearning assets providing you with loads of images, audio, slide designs and learning interactions ready to use, Advanced tools for recording software demonstrations and interactive simulations, The ability to record, import and edit audio, Ready to go question slides so you can create interactive quizzes quickly and streamlined tools to really speed-up your elearning development time.

As an Adobe Authorised Training Centre – participants receive an Adobe endorsed Certificate upon course completion.

  • Training Modules (Overview only)

    • Record Software Demos & Simulations
    • Text Captions, Styles & the Timeline
    • Insert & Edit Images & Drawing Objects
    • Pointers, Buttons & Highlight Boxes
    • Create Rollovers & Zoom Effects
    • Narration, Audio, Video & Animation
    • Make Demonstrations Interactive
    • Create Question Slides & Quizzes
    • Publish Captivate Modules
  • What You Get

    • Small Classes (average 4 to 6)
    • Industry Experienced, Certified Trainers
    • AATC Adobe Authorised Certificate
    • Quality Workbooks & Sample files
    • Class Exercises Relevant to Industry
    • Choice of Mac or PC
    • After Course Support
    • Free Course Resit

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Price:  990 +GST
2 Days | 9am–4:30pm

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Course Outline

eLearning and Captivate

  • Planning eLearning Projects
  • The Development Process
  • The Captivate Interface
  • Work spaces: Creating, Modifying and Resetting
  • Previewing and zooming Projects

Recording Demonstrations & Simulations

  • Resolution and Recording Size
  • The Development Process
  • Preparing to Record
  • Rehearse a Script
  • Edit Recording Settings
  • Set Recording Preferences and Keys
  • Access for Assistive Devices
  • Record a Demonstration
  • Record an Assessment
  • Record a Training Simulation
  • Record a Custom Assessment Simulation

Text Captions, Styles & the Timeline

  • Insert, Resize and Move Text Captions
  • Modify Text Caption Properties
  • Edit the Default Caption Style
  • Reset an Object Style

The Timeline

  • Change an Object’s Slide Position and Size
  • View the Timeline
  • Change a Slide’s Display Time
  • Change Timeline View Settings
  • Use the Timeline to Set Object Display Times
  • Show/Hide Timeline Objects
  • Use the Properties Panel to Control Timing
  • Set Mouse Properties
  • Check Spelling
  • Align Slide Objects

Images and Smart Shapes

  • Change the Slide Background Quality
  • Insert and Delete Slides
  • Insert an Image
  • Set Image Size and Slide Position
  • Use the Library
  • Manage Unused Project Assets
  • Cropping Images
  • Create an Image Watermark
  • Set Image Timing Options and Transition Effects
  • Work With Image Stacks
  • Add a Visual Mouse Click and Sound
  • Drawing Lines

Pointers, Buttons and Highlight Boxes

  • Change the Pointer Path & the the Pointer Type
  • Edit Slide and Object Display Times
  • Insert a Text Button
  • Set a Button’s Timing and Options
  • Insert an Image Button
  • Insert and Format a Highlight Box

Rollovers and Zoom Areas

  • Insert a Rollover Caption
  • Set Rollover Area Properties
  • Insert a Rollover Image

Rollovers and Zoom Areas (cont)

  • Insert a Zoom Area
  • Insert and Format a Rollover Slidelet
  • Insert a Caption & Image Into a Slidelet


  • Importing Audio Files
  • Add Background Audio
  • Add a Slide Note
  • Record Audio
  • Calibrate a Microphone
  • Record a Narration
  • Import Voice Narrations
  • Edit an Audio File
  • Inserting Silence
  • Convert Text to Speech

Flash Video, Animation and Effects

  • Insert Flash Video
  • Set Flash Video Properties
  • Add Animation to a Slide
  • Insert Text Animation
  • Apply a Fly-in Effect to a Text Caption
  • Apply a Zig Zag Motion path

Converting Demonstrations Into Simulations

  • Demonstrations versus Simulations
  • Replace Phrases
  • Insert a Click Box and set Options
  • Insert a Text Entry Box

Working with PowerPoint

  • Import a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Round-Trip PowerPoint Edits
  • Rescaling Projects
  • Synchronise with Source

Introduction to Question Slides

  • Set Quiz Preferences
  • Edit Quizzing Object Styles
  • Insert a Question Slide
  • Add an Image to a Question Slide
  • Reuse a Slide Background
  • Format the Question Title


  • Link to a Web Site
  • Apply a Skin
  • Edit and Save a Skin
  • Delete a Skin
  • Add a Loading Screen
  • Create a TOC
  • Publish a Flash (SWF)
  • Publish Word Handouts
  • Export Captions
  • Perform a “Round Trip”