Captivate Advanced Course

City Desktop's Advanced Captivate course follows on from the 2 day Essentials Captivate course. It enables current Captivate users to improve their production skills by incorporating higher-end features such as project templates, responsive layouts, custom styles, system variables, advanced actions and scripts, branching and uploading projects to a Learning Management System.

Adobe Captivate's advanced features include: SVG support enabling Adobe Illustrator files to be directly imported into Captivate, Enhanced object effects and multistate objects, SCORM and XAPI compliance ensures Captivate projects can be uploaded and scored correctly by your LMS, Improved responsive design options helps you to create elearning content which can be viewed seemlessly across devices, Advanced quizzing and question pools allows for enhanced assessments and interactivity.

At City Desktop Training – an Adobe Authorised Training Centre, participants receive a Adobe endorsed Certificate upon course completion .

  • Training Modules (Overview only)

    • Custom Styles, Branching & Aggregating
    • Question Pools
    • Accessible eLearning
    • Variables and Widgets
    • Master Slides and Project Templates
    • Reporting Results & LMS
    • Actions and Conditional Actions
    • Naming Objects
    • Working with PowerPoint
  • What You Get

    • Designed Workbooks
    • Class exercises relevant to industry
    • AATC Adobe Authorised Certificate
    • Choice of Mac or PC
    • After Course Support
    • Free Course Resit
    • Small Classes (average 4 to 6)

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1 Day | 9am–4:30pm

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Course Outline

Custom Styles, Branching & Aggregating

  • Creating Text Caption Styles
  • Applying Styles Globally
  • Importing & Exporting Styles
  • Combining Projects
  • Using Buttons to Create a Branch
  • Create a Slide Group
  • Publish and Aggregate SWFs

Question Pools

  • Insert a Question Slide
  • Create and Rename Question Pools
  • Add Questions to Question Pools
  • Insert Random Question Slides

Accessible eLearning

  • Set Document Information
  • Enable Accessibility
  • Add Accessibility Text to Slides
  • Import Slide Audio
  • Add Shortcut Keys
  • Add Closed Captions

Variables and Widgets

  • Add Project Information
  • Insert and Edit a System Variable
  • Create a User Variable
  • Use a Variable to Gather Data
  • Insert and Format a Widget

Master Slides and Project Templates

  • Adding, Editing and Applying Master Slides
  • Create a Project From a Template
  • Copy & Paste Project Assets
  • Import & Export Project Assets

Master Slides and Project Templates (cont)

  • Create a Mask
  • Add a Text Animation Placeholder
  • Create a Project from a Template

Reporting Results & LMS

  • as an LMS Alternative
  • Port Results to
  • Using the Quiz Results Analyzer
  • Review and Chart Quiz Data
  • LMS Reporting Options
  • Create a Manifest File
  • Report Button Interaction
  • Adjust Slide Object Interaction
  • Publish a Content Package
  • Creating an Inquisiq LMS Account
  • Creating an LMS Lesson
  • Creating an LMS Course
  • Creating an LMS Curriculum
  • Test an eLearning Course

Conditional Actions

  • Create more User Variables
  • Duplicate and Label Slides
  • Create a Conditional Action

Naming Objects

  • Insert and Name Text Captions
  • Create a Conditional and Standard Action Combo
  • Name a Decision Block
  • Add Multiple IF Statements
  • Create an Action to Show a Button
  • Attach Actions to Objects