Premiere Pro Advanced Course

This two day course expands on knowledge gained in the Premiere Pro Essentials to bring your skills to the next level. Topics include advanced editing techniques, replacement of clips, nesting, linking, captions, markers, new advanced features and more. Advanced colour correction and audio techniques are covered in detail, along with dynamic linking to programs like After Effects and Audition to achieve high-level industry outcomes. You will also learn best practices for optimising your workflows and file management

This two day course will fully equip you to harness advanced features of Premiere Pro with industry experts using real world examples.

Our instructors are Adobe Certified, industry experienced and passionate about training! Especially with Premiere Pro, we recommend using the latest version - CC (Creative Cloud). Not sure which version? See our article on Adobe Creative Cloud.

Prerequisite: Students should have either completed the Premiere Pro Essentials course or should have been using Adobe Premiere Pro on a regular basis. Premiere Pro assessment is available if you are unsure of your user level, please email us at [email protected].

As an Adobe Authorised Training Centre – participants receive upon course completion a Certificate endorsed by Adobe.

  • Training Modules  (Overview only)

    • Working with Proxy Files
    • Advanced Editing
    • Effects, Masks & Compositing
    • Oct 2017: 360/VR Enhancements
    • Captions
    • Markers
    • Multi Camera Editing
    • Colour Correction
    • Audio
    • Integration with After Effects
    • Project Management
  • What You Get

    • Adobe Classroom in a Book after course reference material (eBook)
    • Class exercises relevant to industry
    • AATC Adobe Authorised Certificate
    • Choice of Mac or PC
    • After Course Support
    • Free Course Resit
    • Small Classes (average 4 to 6)

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Price: 1080 +GST
2 Days | 9am–4:30pm

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    MAC or PC

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Course Outline

Working with Proxy Files

  • Ingest settings and proxy files
  • Ingesting Proxy files in the media browser
  • Switching between proxy files and original files
  • Exporting full quality media
  • Building custom proxy presets in Adobe Media Encoder
  • Importing custom proxy presets to Premiere

Advanced Editing

  • 4 point editing and 3 point editing
  • Replacing clips and retaining attributes
  • Match frame edits; match frame reverse
  • Advanced Nesting sequence methods
  • Trim Panel
  • Dynamic trimming
  • Sub clips
  • Sync lock and track locking
  • Oct 2017: Gap removal
  • Oct 2017: New Customisable Keyboard Shortcut Commands available


  • Creating clip and track markers
  • Navigating with markers
  • Adding comments
  • Automating edits to markers
  • April 2018: Copy and Paste Sequence markers

Multi Camera Editing

  • Syncing clips via in point, markers and audio
  • Creating a multi cam sequence
  • Multi cam editing in the program monitor
  • Button editor

Colour Correction

  • Advanced Lumetri Color Effect
  • HSL Lumetri Secondary color correction
  • April 2018: Comparison view
  • April 2018: Match Colour
  • Lumetri Video scopes
  • Broadcast safe settings - fixing overbrights/overdarks
  • April 2018: Video Limiter Effect
  • Replace color and change to color effects
  • Master clips and Global Effects

Effects, Masks & Compositing

  • Master clip effects
  • Applying and editing custom masks with Effects
  • Motion tracking masks ("Witness Protection")
  • Editing masks
  • Track Mattes and Alpha Channels


  • Syncing/Merging separate audio and video files via in point or audio
  • Audio track mixer
  • Applying track effects in the audio track mixer
  • Loudness Radar effect
  • LUFs and new loudness standards
  • Audio effects EQ/compression
  • Removing noise and hum
  • Audio Integration with Adobe Audition


  • Create and edit captions
  • Closed vs open captions
  • Exporting side car srt files

Integration with After Effects

  • Oct 2017: Enhanced Dynamic Linking with After Effects
  • Oct 2017: Enhanced AE motion graphics templates

Project Management

  • Archiving and consolidating projects
  • Importing other premiere projects
  • Multiple projects