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Adobe Audition Essentials Course

Adobe Audition Classroom in a BookTake your audio to the next level with Adobe Audition.
Record, edit, and create audio content with Adobe Audition's comprehensive toolset, including waveform, spectral display, and multitrack. This powerful sound editing program is designed to accelerate audio and video production workflows and deliver the highest standards for audio quality.

Who Should Attend and Prerequisites
This course is aimed at audio beginners and video professionals wanting to take their audio to the next level. This course will give you all the basic skills to deliver quality audio for broadcast, CD and web platforms.

Adobe Audition Classroom in a Book
  • Training Modules (Overview only)

    • Audio Concepts
    • Editing Audio
    • Mixing Audio
    • Audio Restoration
    • Applying Effects
    • Recording Audio
    • Exporting and Sharing to Various Outputs
    • Audio and Video Workflow Integration with Adobe Premiere Pro
  • What You Get

    • Adobe Classroom in a Book eBook
    • Class Exercises Relevant to Industry
    • Adobe Authorised Certificate
    • Choice of Mac or PC
    • After Course Support
    • Free Course Resit
    • Small Classes (average 4 to 6)

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Course Outline

Introduction to Audio Theory

  • What is Sound: Amplitude and Frequency
  • Audio Files and Formats
  • Digital and Analog Audio: Sample Rate; Bit Depth

Audio Interfacing

  • Audio Interface Basics
  • Mac OS X Audio Setup
  • Windows Setup
  • Testing Inputs and Outputs with Audition (Mac or Windows)
  • Using External Interfaces

The Audition Environment

  • Audition’s Dual Personality
  • The Audition Workspace
  • Navigation
  • Markers

Basic Editing

  • Opening a File for Editing
  • Selecting a Region for Editing and Changing its Level
  • Cutting, Deleting, and Pasting Audio Regions
  • Cutting and Pasting with Multiple Clipboards
  • Extending and Shortening Musical Selections
  • Simultaneous Mixing and Pasting
  • Repeating Part of a Waveform to Create a Loop
  • Showing Waveform Data under the Cursor
  • Fading Regions to Reduce Artifacts

Signal Processing

  • Effects Basics
  • Using the Effects Rack
  • Amplitude and Compression Effects
  • Delay and Echo Effects
  • Filter and EQ Effects
  • Reverb Effects
  • Vocal Enhancer
  • Match Volume
  • Managing Presets
  • Recording and Applying Favourites

Audio Restoration

  • About Audio Restoration
  • Reducing Hiss; Reducing Crackles; Reducing Pops and Clicks; Reducing Broadband Noise
  • De-humming a File
  • Removing Artifacts
  • Manual Artifact Removal
  • Alternate Click Removal
  • Sound Removal

Creating and Recording Files

  • Recording into the Waveform Editor
  • Drag-and-dropping into an Audition Editor

Multitrack Editor Orientation

  • About Multitrack Production
  • Multitrack and Waveform Editor Integration
  • Changing Track Colours
  • Loop Selections for Playback
  • Track Controls
  • The Multitrack Mixer

Editing Clips in Multitrack View

  • Editing for Length
  • Clip Edits: Split, Trim, Volume Extending a Clip via Looping

The Remix Function

  • Editing for Length using the Remix Function

Essential Sound Panel

  • Using the Essential Sound Panel in the Multitrack View
  • Automatic Ducking

Audio/Video Applications

  • Importing a Video
  • Audition Integration with Adobe Premiere Pro


  • Exporting a Stereo Mix of the Song
  • Exporting to Adobe media Encoder
    Loudness Normalisation and Video Limiter Post Effects in Adobe Media Encoder