Cinema 4D Lite for After Effects

Ever wished you could work with more realistic 3D for After Effects or find the After Effects 3D layers and workspace limiting? Due to popular demand, this one-day project-based intensive class takes you into the world of Cinema 4D Lite which comes bundled with all versions of After Effects CC. One of C4D Lite's most exciting features is the MoGraph animation system which makes it easy to create complex animations with just a couple of keyframes.

In this course you will learn about Cinema 4D Lite, which enables you to create or modify 3D objects and text and integrate them directly inside your After Effects projects using the CINEWARE pipeline. You will learn how to send information back and forth between After Effects and C4D Lite, how to create and modify objects, materials and textures, how to animate text, use lights and cameras, and integrate 3D objects into existing footage.

Especially with After Effects, we recommend using the latest version - CC (Creative Cloud). Not sure which version? See our article on Adobe Creative Cloud.

Prerequisite: Students should have either completed the After Effects Essentials course and should have been using Adobe After Effects on a regular basis. A working knowledge of the 3D workflow in After Effects is highly desirable. An After Effects assessment is available for those who have not completed an essentials course with us, please email us at [email protected].

As an Adobe Authorised Training Centre – participants receive upon course completion a Certificate endorsed by Adobe.

  • Training Modules (Overview only)

    • Overview of Cinema 4D Lite
    • Types of Objects and Operators
    • Spline Modelling to Create Objects
    • Creating, Applying and Editing Materials and Textures
    • Keyframe Animation
    • Using C4D Lite Scene Objects
    • Creating and Using Cameras
    • Compositing Tags for integration with Adobe After Effects
    • Understanding Project and Render Settings
  • What You Get

    • Class Exercises Relevant to Industry
    • AATC Adobe Authorised Certificate
    • Choice of Mac or PC
    • After Course Support
    • Free Course Resit
    • Small Classes (average 4 to 6)

This course is provided as custom training only, please call us on 1300 441 891 to schedule your training


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Course Outline

Overview of Cinema 4D Lite (C4D Lite)

  • Understanding the C4D Lite and Adobe After Effects Workflow
  • C4D Lite Workspace
  • Navigation and Basic Tools

Types of Objects and Operators

  • Creating and Editing Primitive Objects
  • Basic Tools for Modifying Editable Shapes

Spline Modelling to Create Objects

  • Working with Text
  • The Importance of Hierarchies (Parenting)

Creating, Applying and Editing Materials and Textures

  • Explore C4D Lite Assets and Where to Find More

Keyframe Animation

  • Frame Rate Issues
  • Introduction to Mograph Animation
  • Having Fun with Deformer Objects

Using C4D Lite Scene Objects

  • Types of Lights and Light Setups
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Shadows

Creating and Using Cameras

  • Using 3D Camera Tracking Information from Adobe After Effects
  • Extract Cameras and Lights

Compositing Tags for Integration with Adobe After Effects

  • Object Buffers and Multipass
  • Other Types of Tags
  • Using C4D Lite Layers and the Take System

Understanding Project and Render Settings

  • CINEWARE Render Settings
  • Using the Adobe After Effects Camera
  • Applying Final Grading and Effects in Adobe After Effects
  • Rendering in Adobe After Effects and the Adobe Media Encoder