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  • Custom Adobe Premiere Pro Training

    "Fantastic course, and the trainer was brilliant!"
    "Highly recommended!"

    – L. MacDonald, NSW Fair Trading

  • Custom HTML5 Training

    "I found this course moved at the right pace and perfectly explained how HTML5 enacts with CSS and the world wide web."

    – H. Smith, Cambridge University Press

  • Custom Adobe LiveCycle Training

    "This was excellent - I was self-taught but have learnt an enormous amount today. Thank you."

    – B. Beinke, The Sisters of The Good Samaritan

  • Custom Adobe InDesign Training

    "David is an excellent instructor, very knowledgeable and makes the course fun and easy to follow. I've learnt lots that I'll be able to use in my work."

    – F. Symon, Yarra Ranges Council

Private or Custom training

Private or custom training is perfect for those who want to choose the training date, location or contents to their own needs and schedule. Nothing beats personal training and you’re guaranteed to get excellent value for your time.

Private Training

You can book a private training session for yourself and your colleagues when your preferred training outline offers exactly what you need, but your ever changing schedule doesn’t allow you to book into a specific date or location. In that case you can organise your course as a private training session where you choose the location and date yourself.

Good reasons for private training are:

  • You want to organise the training just for yourself or colleagues
  • You prefer to have training at your premises
  • You have specific dates and deadlines that need to be met
  • You want to decide the pace of the training
  • You want to personalise the training experience

Custom Training

Custom training is ideal for those whose skills, needs or circumstances fall outside the scheduled dates and content of our public courses. After ascertaining your requirements, we can tailor the course content and projects to your needs and teach you how to best achieve your goals. We can even use your own files during the course and organise the training on your premises. Learning on the job was never this easy.

Good reasons for custom training are:

  • You only want to learn specific features of a program
  • You are between the Essentials and Advanced levels, or even beyond the Advanced level
  • You are about to embark on a project that you want to use as part of the course content
  • You want to use your own files during training and get feedback on them

About On-site Training

Private or custom training may be delivered at your premises or ours. If held on-site at your premises please consider:

  • Training needs to be conducted in a quiet room with students comfortably seated at a computer with the relevant software loaded  
  • Most trainers usually require a whiteboard to make additional and key points, a projector is also required 
  • Travel and accommodation costs may apply if we need to travel outside the metropolitan area

What are the Costs?

We can arrange to conduct a course one-on-one, or for a group of people. Please contact us on 1300 441 891 to discuss your needs, or contact us for a quote.

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