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SEO for WordPress

WordPress is a platform for creating, editing & maintaining websites. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of making changes both on and off your website to ensure improved positioning in search results and to encourage site visitors to take desired actions e.g. buy, subscribe, contact etc. also known as conversions. In this SEO for WordPress course, discover how search engines ‘think’ and use that knowledge to assess and implement strategies that will elevate your site in search results and increase conversions.

Implement technical changes easily using WordPress and recommended plugins. Learn how to make the most of free Google tools that will enhance and further your SEO efforts.

The course covers a range of methods used to optimise a WordPress site. Topics explored include: Introduction to Search Engines, Project Scoping and Analysis, Choosing and Using Keywords for Maximum Impact, Optimise HEAD Tags in WordPress, Creating Search Friendly Content, Image and Video Optimisation techniques, Optimisation for Local Business, Social Media Integration, Google Analytics and Search Console overview and Blog Optimisation.

All assessment and reporting can be carried out on a website of your choosing for example your business or personal website, making it highly relevant to your website and providing you with valuable information you can use post training to immediately start implementing your SEO strategy.

Please note: As every WordPress installation is different, installation of plugins on live websites in a training environment is not recommended. We will provide a WordPress website for you to safely implement strategies explored during training. This knowledge can then be applied to your own website post training.

Pre-requisites: Completion of the WordPress Essentials course or equivalent knowledge is required. You should feel confident navigating WordPress and installing plugins. Previous experience in marketing or web design is NOT required.

  • Training Modules (Overview only)

    • Introduction to Search Engines
    • Project Scoping & Analysis
    • Using Keywords for Maximum Impact
    • Optimise HEAD Tags in WordPress
    • Creating Search Friendly Content
    • Image & Video Optimisation
    • Optimisation for Local / Australia Business
    • Social Media & WordPress Integration
    • Google Analytics & Search Console
    • Blog Optimisation
  • What You Get

    • 12 Months Access to Help Desk
    • No Risk! Money Back Guarantee
    • Choice of Mac or PC
    • Professional Training Environment
    • Small Classes (average 4 to 8)

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Course Outline

Introduction to Search Engines

  • Discover how Pages are Indexed in Search Results
  • Factors Determining Position in Search Results
  • SEO Terminology Explained

Project Scoping & Analysis

  • Clarifying Project Objectives
  • Identify your Target Market
  • Audit your Site for SEO Compatibility
  • Free Auditing Tools & WordPress Plugins

Using Keywords for Maximum Impact

  • The Keyword Research Process
  • Choosing & Allocating Keywords
  • Setting a Focus Keyword in WordPress
  • Using Keywords Strategically in Content
  • Free & Premium Keyword Tools

Optimise HEAD Tags in WordPress

  • Google’s use of TITLE & DESCRIPTION Tags
  • How WordPress Creates TITLE Tags
  • Using an SEO Plugin to Customise HEAD Tags
  • Writing Optimised TITLE Tags
  • Writing Optimised DESCRIPTION Tags

Creating Search Friendly Content

  • Google & Visitor Preferred Content
  • Integrating Keywords for Maximum Gain
  • Converting Site Visitors to Customers
  • Using an SEO Plugin to ID Issues
  • Search Friendly File Names

Image & Video Optimisation

  • Describing Images for Google
  • Using Images Effectively
  • Optimising Video
  • Video Hosting Considerations

Optimisation for Local / Australia Business

  • Creating a Google My Business Listing
  • Rank Higher in Google Business Maps
  • Specifying Regional Settings in WordPress

Social Media & WordPress Integration

  • Using Social Media for Branding & Engagement
  • Social Media Integration in WordPress

Google Analytics & Search Console

  • Integrating Google Analytics with WordPress
  • Overview of Google Analytics
  • Key Metrics to Follow
  • Search Console Integration with WordPress
  • More Info: Free Google Analytics Course

Blog Optimisation

  • SEO Benefits of Blogs
  • Commenting & Building Community
  • Search Friendly Blog Navigation