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Training Modules (Overview)

  • Object Styles, Project Sharing & Branching
  • Accessible eLearning
  • Masters, Themes and Templates
  • Interactions
  • Interactive Videos and Virtual Reality
  • Variables
  • Advanced Actions
  • Responsive Projects
  • Reporting Results

What You Get

  • Small Classes (average 4 to 6)
  • Industry Experienced, Certified Trainers
  • AATC Adobe Authorised Certificate
  • Course eBook & Sample Files
  • Class Exercises Relevant to Industry
  • After Course Support
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Course Outline

Object Styles, Project Sharing & Branching

  • Working with Styles
  • Creating Styles
  • Applying Styles Globally
  • Exporting and Importing Styles
  • Combining Projects
  • Naming Slides
  • Creating Groups
  • Create Branches

Accessible eLearning

  • Enabling Accessibility
  • Document Information
  • Captions and Closed Captions
  • Shortcut Keys
  • Defining Tab Order

Masters, Themes and Templates

  • Exploring Master Slides
  • Add New Master Slides
  • Add Placeholders
  • Add Shapes (as buttons)
  • Working With Themes
  • Define the Elements of a Theme
  • Repurpose an Existing Theme
  • Saving a New Theme
  • Create a Template
  • Add Skins
  • Add TOC’s
  • Add Project Information
  • Import Images & Audio Assets
  • Save the Template
  • Create a Project from the Template

Timing & The Timeline

  • Show/Hide the Timeline
  • Customise Timeline View Settings
  • Show/Hide/Lock Timeline Objects
  • Preview a Slide with the Timeline
  • Change a Slide’s Display Time
  • Set Object Display Times
  • Customise Mouse Properties
  • Align Slide Objects

Images & Smart Shapes

  • Change the Slide Background Quality
  • Insert and Delete Slides
  • Insert an Image
  • Position and Size Images Precisely
  • Use the Project Library
  • Manage Unused Project Assets
  • Crop Images
  • Create an Image Watermark
  • Set Image Timing and Transitions
  • Work With Image Stacks
  • Insert and Edit Smart Shapes

Pointers, Buttons & Highlight Boxes

  • Change the Pointer Path & Type
  • Add a Visual Mouse Click and Sound
  • Insert a Text Button
  • Set Button Timing and Options
  • Insert an Image Button
  • Define Button Actions (Click Events)
  • Insert and Format a Highlight Box

Interactive Videos and Virtual Reality

  • Interactive Videos
  • Inserting
  • Adding Bookmarks
  • Adding Slide Overlays
  • Virtual Reality
  • Create a VR Project
  • Adding Text Hotspots
  • Adding Audio Hotspots
  • Adding a Quizzes to a Project

Advanced Actions

  • Standard Actions
  • Working with Groups
  • Importance of Naming Objects
  • Using Show/Hide/Enable/Disable
  • Conditional Actions
  • Exploring If/Then/Else Decision Blocks
  • Using Expressions
  • Controlling Visibility of Objects using Slide Entry

Responsive Projects

  • Reviewing Responsive Projects
  • Customise Breakpoints
  • Fluid Boxes
  • Convert a Standard Project to a Responsive Project
  • Insert and Name Fluid Boxes
  • Resizing Fluid Boxes
  • Adding Content to Fluid Boxes
  • Breakpoints in eLearning Projects
  • Switching Modes
  • Using the Position Inspector
  • Modify a Single Breakpoint
  • Exclude from a View
  • Adding New Breakpoint
  • Positioning Objects
  • Positioning and Linking
  • Styles in Responsive Projects
  • Edit Breakpoint Object Styles

Reporting Results

  • Establishing SCORM Setups
  • Working with Manifest Files
  • Advanced Interactions
  • SCORM Cloud Preview
  • Content Packages

Adobe Captivate Testimonials

This is the third course I have done with City Desktop and once again the quality of training has been fantastic! I also appreciate the additional support with questions and IT issues. Awesome customer service.
Beverley C, Director
Once again City Desktop Training is right on the mark. I will definitely be back!
Dale B, Training Coordinator
I would highly recommend City Desktop Training to develop your skills in Adobe Captivate. The trainers are extremely skilled and adjust their delivery to meet individual learner needs.
Paul R, National Safety Manager
Captivate Advanced
Follow up course to Essentials, which I took immediately after that course. Quality of lab work was good and consistent with the other course. The trainer, once again, delivered confidently and clearly. All in all, I believe this was a great investment in time and money.
Mark J, Senior Business Analyst
Captivate Advanced
David was excellent, his knowledge of Adobe Captivate was comprehensive and he demonstrated all of the nifty features of the software at a good pace. Thanks!
Christopher R, Engineer
Captivate Advanced
Thanks again Tim! Never attended such a well organised and presented course. I am very appreciative of you sharing your experiences, which made this course so much more real.
Kathrin B, National Systems Trainer
Captivate Advanced
Fantastic course! Great content and David was an awesome trainer. I would recommend this course to anyone; easy to follow and support is great.
Alex D, L&D Coordinator
Captivate Advanced
Great content, both the essentials and advanced Captivate course. Really broadens your knowledge and Tim's a great trainer
Elaine P, LMS Admin
Captivate Advanced
The trainers are both knowledgeable and are able to answer questions with skill.
David S, IT Trainer
Captivate Advanced
An absolute must course to attend to save you time when creating Adobe Captivate courses!
Christine B, Learning Administrator
Captivate Advanced
I enjoyed the course and it gave me opportunities to improve my own courses.
Shane K, Learning Designer
Captivate Advanced
Excellent, well presented and at good pace.
Sharon G, Training Manager
Captivate Advanced
Thank you again, David did a great job. Very useful course.
Corinne M, L&D
Captivate Advanced
Great practical session. Very hands on.
Jennifer T, Learning and Development
Captivate Advanced
David is a great presenter, was able to progress through content in a way that catered to the varied levels of knowledge for those in the room. Thanks again for having us!
Rhychelle W, L&D Consultant
Captivate Advanced