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Training Modules (Overview)

  • Record Software Demos & Simulations
  • Text Captions, Styles & the Timeline
  • Insert & Edit Images & Drawing Objects
  • Pointers, Buttons & Highlight Boxes
  • Create Rollovers & Zoom Effects
  • Narration, Audio, Video & Animation
  • Make Demonstrations Interactive
  • Create Question Slides & Quizzes
  • Publish Captivate Modules

What You Get

  • Small Classes (average 4 to 6)
  • Industry Experienced, Certified Trainers
  • AATC Adobe Authorised Certificate
  • Course eBook & Sample Files
  • Class Exercises Relevant to Industry
  • After Course Support
  • Free Course Resit (6 Months)*
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Captivate Essentials

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Course Outline

eLearning & Captivate

  • Planning eLearning Projects
  • The elearning Development Process
  • Navigate the Captivate Workspace
  • Create and Customise Workspaces
  • Preview and Zoom Projects

Recording Software Simulations

  • Best Practice: Project Size and Resolution
  • The Captivate Development Process
  • Preparing your Recording Screen
  • Rehearse an eLearning Script
  • Edit Recording Settings
  • Define Recording Preferences
  • Record a Software Demonstration
  • Record a Software Assessment
  • Record a Training Simulation
  • Record a Custom Training Simulation

Text Captions & Styles

  • Insert, Resize and Move Text Captions
  • Modify Text Caption Properties
  • Use Styles for Speed and Consistency
  • Edit the Default Caption Style
  • Reset an Object Style

Timing & The Timeline

  • Show/Hide the Timeline
  • Customise Timeline View Settings
  • Show/Hide/Lock Timeline Objects
  • Preview a Slide with the Timeline
  • Change a Slide’s Display Time
  • Set Object Display Times
  • Customise Mouse Properties
  • Align Slide Objects

Images & Smart Shapes

  • Change the Slide Background Quality
  • Insert and Delete Slides
  • Insert an Image
  • Position and Size Images Precisely
  • Use the Project Library
  • Manage Unused Project Assets
  • Crop Images
  • Create an Image Watermark
  • Set Image Timing and Transitions
  • Work With Image Stacks
  • Insert and Edit Smart Shapes

Pointers, Buttons & Highlight Boxes

  • Change the Pointer Path & Type
  • Add a Visual Mouse Click and Sound
  • Insert a Text Button
  • Set Button Timing and Options
  • Insert an Image Button
  • Define Button Actions (Click Events)
  • Insert and Format a Highlight Box

Rollovers & Zoom Areas

  • Insert a Rollover Caption
  • Insert a Rollover Image
  • Set Rollover Properties
  • Insert a Zoom Area
  • Insert and Format a Rollover Slidelet
  • Insert a Caption & Image Into a Slidelet

Narration & Audio

  • Import Audio Files to Slide Objects
  • Add Background Audio
  • Add a Slide Note
  • Calibrate a Microphone
  • Record a Narration
  • Import Voice Narrations
  • Edit an Audio File
  • Convert Text to Speech

Video, Animation and Effects

  • Insert Video Files
  • Set Video Properties
  • Add Animation to a Slide
  • Insert Text Animation
  • Apply a Fly-in Effect to a Text Caption
  • Apply a Zig Zag Motion Path

Making Demonstrations Interactive

  • Demonstrations versus Simulations
  • Replace Phrases
  • Insert a Click Box and Set Options
  • Insert a Text Entry Box
  • Show/Hide the Mouse

Working with PowerPoint

  • Import a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Round-Trip PowerPoint Edits
  • Rescale Projects
  • Synchronise with Source Files

Introduction to Question Slides

  • Set Quiz Preferences
  • Edit Quizzing Object Styles
  • Insert a Question Slide
  • Add an Image to a Question Slide
  • Reuse a Slide Background
  • Format the Question Title


  • Link to a Web Page
  • Apply a Video Skin and Playbar
  • Edit and Save a Skin
  • Delete a Skin
  • Add a Loading Screen
  • Create a Table of Contents
  • Publish to SWF and HTML5
  • Publish Word Handouts
  • Export Captions for Review
  • Speed workflow with Round Tripping
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Captivate Essentials Testimonials

Alice was a great instructor. Really professional, courteous and clear. I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn the Adobe suite from an experienced practitioner.
Craig M, Analyst
Very handy information for developing online training. Great resources and knowledgeable trainer who stayed on task and kept good pace for all attendees.
Brad C, Trainer
The training was professional, at a great pace and so open to any question.
James R, L&D Officer
Alice is a wonderful presenter with excellent knowledge! Great explanation and patience. Was great to resit and refresh before my project kick off again. Thanks.
Matthew C, Vocational Training
Definitely a valuable course that will be extremely helpful within my role at work - David was knowledgeable, approachable, and very easy to listen to and follow along with. Highly recommend this course!
Rebeka K, Implementation Specialist
Captivate Essentials is a great course for anyone looking to get a good foundation into building courses for a Learning Management System. I look forward to taking on the Advanced Captivate course next.
Elaine P, Learning & Development Coordinator
The course, the trainer, and the training centre are simply the best! I guess this is the first time for me leaving a training course with all my needs and questions answered.
Mais W, Online Support Officer
The practical nature and hands on learning was great - appreciated the small class size too as it allowed us to take a tangent and then come back to core material.
Sam H, Analyst
The course was very helpful in learning a new program I have never used before. It now means that I can update things that we had contractors develop and can look at creating new elearning packages.
Jess U
I would recommend this course its a good length and great content. Cant wait to be back to be back for the advanced course.
Ajay J, Trainer
I really enjoyed the 2 days. It was really informative and gave me everything I need to start creating courses straight away. The trainer was very generous with his time and knowledge. I'd recommend it to anyone looking to expand their skills.
Jo B, Instructional Designer
Great course and vast information covered to explain and demonstrate how to use Captivate. As a first time user I found this very helpful and the training manual is a great tool to take with you to help you at any later stage, along with the support help desk. option.
Kylie B, Business Training Manager
I would highly recommend taking the Adobe Captivate Essential course to allow you to create your elearning programs, instead of trying to figure it out yourself. Amazing content, easy to understand and adapt to your business.
Debra T, General Manager
The course was very beneficial and has provided me with the knowledge and skills to use Captivate competently albeit with some practice. I do believe the notes will help in this regard. A good course which I would definitely recommend.
Joseph P, Instructor
Tim is a brilliant trainer and has strong knowledge of Adobe Captivate. He effectively answered all the questions in the class.
Smitha D, HR Business Partner - Learning and Development
Great beginner course! Covered all the key elements I needed to get started and offered some great tips during the course that will be amazing time saving techniques.
Dakota K, LMS Specialist
This course really helped give me a solid foundation on which to build. I've used Captivate before but this really helped me understand how to use it to its full potential. Can't wait to attend the Advanced course.
Nick S, L&D Manager
Great training and Tim tailored the presentation to the group in an exceptional manner.
Peter N, Capability Manager
Tim was an excellent instructor who tailored the course to the audience. He bought real world experience in designing eLearning solutions to the course. He was able to give examples of how he implemented real world solutions.
Matthew S, University Lecturer
Excellent program which covers all key functionality and provides a solid foundation to begin building autonomously.
Andrew J, Learning & Development Designer
Enjoyed the course and found it very relevant to my workplace needs.
Lee B, Elearning Designer
Tim delivered an excellent session with very useful hints and tips over and above the learning materials provided. Much appreciated!
Natalia F Fil, Learning & Development Consultant
Tim was great, he did extremely well covering the relevant content over the two days.
Daniel H, Development Manager
Great training and trainer, heaps of hints and tips with resources. Definitely recommend.
Jo K,
Great 2 day training. Would highly recommend. I have self taught myself most things but the covering of all the settings was very useful.
Jennifer T, Learning and Develoipment Specialist
The course was very informative and fun. Lots of chances to practice under supervision.
Joanne R, Engineering Training Advisor
I like the way its set up with the option of repeating the course in 6 months. Also the support that we can get after attending the course.
Marilyn G, Librarian