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Course Focus

  • Realistic 3D Effects
  • Using Perspective Grids
  • Preparing Illustrations for Use in Animation Software
  • Advanced Rendering Techniques: Warps, Envelopes
  • Patterns & Manipulation of Outlined Type
  • Advanced Effective use of Multiple Artboards
  • Creatively Combine Illustrator with Other Adobe Programs

What You Get

  • Adobe Illustrator WOW! Book (eBook)
  • Class Exercises Relevant to Industry
  • AATC Adobe Authorised Certificate
  • After Course Support
  • Free Course Resit (6 Months)*
  • Small Classes (average 4 to 6)

Adobe Illustrator WOW! Book

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Course Outline

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  • Exploring Artboard Options
  • Resizing Artboards Based on Objects
  • Using the Artboard Tool
  • The Artboard Panel
  • Managing your Artboards


  • Syncing Personal Settings over Multiple Computers
  • Typographic Shortcut Preferences
  • Setting Scratch Disks

Advanced Selection Techniques

  • The Magic Wand Tool
  • The Lasso Tool
  • Saving Selections


  • Using Sub-Layers
  • Locating Objects
  • Using Layer-Level Effects
  • Nesting Groups


  • Creating and Editing Pattern Brushes
  • Creating and Editing Art Brushes
  • Creating and Editing Scatter Brushes
  • Updating Existing Brushes
  • Using Images in Brushes


  • Advanced Appearance Settings
  • Applying Effects to Text without Outlining
  • Copying Appearances
  • Using Live Effects

Graphic Styles

  • Libraries
  • Saving and Applying Styles

Gradient Mesh

  • Using the Mesh Tool
  • Using the Gradient Mesh Command
  • Changing a Mesh Shape
  • Setting Mesh Options when Printing


  • Using the Colour Guide Panel
  • Recolouring Objects
  • Preparing Objects for Duotone Print
  • Using Blend Modes

3D and Perspective

  • Using the 3D Filters
  • Editing 3D Objects
  • Outlining 3D Objects
  • Using the Perspective Grid
  • Changing the Perspective Grid
  • Drawing Objects in Perspective
  • Discussing Options and Limitations


  • Using a Layer Based Clipping Mask
  • Clipping Mask Button vs Command
  • Using an Opacity Mask
  • Changing an Opacity Mask
  • Using Draw Inside

Combining Illustrator with Other Software

  • Importing Photoshop Files
  • Exporting to Photoshop
  • Linking to Photoshop

Advanced Distortions

  • Using Warp Distortions
  • Using Mesh Distortions
  • Using Top Object Distortions


  • Creating Advanced Patterns
  • Saving and Editing Patterns
  • Scaling, Rotating and Moving Patterns within Objects

Live Paint

  • Introducing Live Paint
  • Using the Live Paint Bucket Tool
  • Using the Live Paint Selection Tool
  • Outlining Live Paint Groups

Editing Strokes

  • Using the Stroke Width Tool
  • Saving Stroke Width Presets
  • Applying a Gradient to a Stroke
  • Smoothing Paths

Working with Text

  • Typographic Controls
  • Using Paragraph Styles
  • Using Character Styles
  • Updating and Loading Styles
  • Using the Touch Type Tool

Adobe Color Themes (previously Kuler)

  • The Adobe Color Themes Panel
  • Using the Adobe Color CC Site
  • Importing Colour Sets using the Adobe Color Mobile App
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Illustrator Advanced Courses

Great teacher showing great things... loved this course... showed me so many tips and tricks to save me time in my day to day duties.
Amy Roman, Publishing Design Manager
Great course! Great teacher! Definitely will return!
Stephanie Brown, Publications Coordinator
David is amazing! I'd be able to learn anything from him, a great teacher. Great hot chocolates from the machine too!
Jessica, Personal Assistant
The lecturer is very experienced which makes it easy to have me understand any questions I may have.
Valentina, Graphic Artist
Thank you for such practical, useful training. I am excited about using Illustrator all over again.
Kym, Personal Assistant