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Training Modules (Overview)

  • Setup for Interactivity & Animation
  • Interactive PDFs Options
  • Audio & Video
  • InDesign Forms
  • Exporting Interactive PDFs
  • Demonstrating the Publish Online Feature

What You Get

  • Adobe Digital Publishing eBook
  • Class Exercises Relevant to Industry
  • AATC Adobe Authorised Certificate
  • After Course Support
  • Free Course Resit (6 Months)*

Digital Publishing with Adobe InDesign CC

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Course Outline

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Download InDesign Interactivity

Course PDF

Setup for Interactivity & Animation

  • Interactive PDF Workspaces
  • Supported File Formats: PDF, XHTML and ePub
  • Choosing the Interactive Solution you Need
  • Best Preferences for Interactivity
  • Colour: CMYK vs RGB

Interactive PDFs Options

  • Creating Hyperlinks
  • Converting URLs to Hyperlinks
  • Generating Bookmarks
  • Creating Buttons
  • Assigning Behaviours using the Buttons Panel
  • Events and Actions
  • Creating Show/Hide Buttons
  • Using Sound & Video
  • Controlling View and Zoom Behaviour
  • Buttons: Rollovers and States
  • Adding a Button to Enter Full Screen Mode
  • Animation in your PDF: Discussing Practices and Limitations
  • Adding Page Transitions
  • Preview Panel
  • Presentation Mode

Audio & Video

  • Importing Sounds and Movies
  • Linking to Web Videos
  • Discussing Movie Options
  • Sound Options
  • Limitations with Audio and Video

InDesign Forms

  • InDesign Forms vs Acrobat Forms
  • Creating Form Fields
  • - Text Entry Fields
  • - List of Choices
  • - Radio Buttons
  • - Check Boxes
  • - Combo Boxes
  • - Submit Buttons

Exporting Interactive PDFs

  • View & Open Options
  • Ensuring Bookmarks are visible in PDF
  • Image Compression Options

Demonstrating the Publish Online Feature

  • Publish Online Dashboard
  • Analytics
  • Social Media Options
  • PDF Options
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InDesign Interactivity Courses

Very worthwhile training course with relevant examples to work through.
Edwina Foley
Michael was a concise and patient teacher and willing to answer lots of questions in between exercises.
Liz McIntosh, Design Team Leader
A fantastic course – very helpful – I’d recommend it to anyone in marketing requiring these skills.
Glen, Marketing and Public Relations
Great course and learnt heaps.
Dean, Creative Services Manager
I found the course to be very helpful.
Tom, Senior Art Director
Very informative. Thank you.
Scott, Desktop Publisher