City Desktop Training is Integrating into Nexacu


In a significant development for professional education across Australasia, City Desktop Training has officially joined Nexacu, enriching the educational landscape for students everywhere. This integration combines City Desktop Training’s expertise in Adobe end user training with Nexacu’s specialisation in Microsoft applications, all under the Lumify Group’s expansive umbrella.

A Fresh Chapter in Corporate Training

This integration heralds a fresh era in corporate training, offering students a streamlined experience from booking courses to achieving certifications. With over three decades of experience, City Desktop Training’s legacy in Adobe applications is now part of Nexacu’s robust suite of Microsoft training programmes, creating an all-encompassing curriculum that covers the most sought-after digital skills in today’s market.

Simplified Course Booking

Students can now book courses through the Nexacu Website and Client Portal, a centralised platform that simplifies managing training schedules. The portal offers:

  • Straightforward course booking and schedule management.
  • One-stop access to all learning materials.
  • Instant certificate downloads upon course completion.

Certifications and Career Progression

The integration also introduces a variety of certification pathways, including:

  • Nexacu and Microsoft Certifications, affirming students’ skills and expertise.
  • Micro-credential badges, providing recognition for skill development and contributing to professional advancement.

Advantages of the Integration

Students stand to benefit from the integration in several keyways:

  • Diverse Course Selection: An expanded selection of courses, including Adobe, Microsoft applications and AI. The broader portfolio of courses offer a comprehensive educational experience.
  • Expert Instructors: Access to top-tier, experienced trainers from both City Desktop Training and Nexacu.
  • Modern Facilities: Contemporary campuses across Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines provide an ideal learning environment.
  • Enhanced Learning Resources: A wealth of materials, including exercise files, video tutorials, and eBooks, supports students before and after their courses.
  • Flexibility: The choice to attend classes in-person or remotely caters to various learning preferences and schedules.

Moving Forward

As City Desktop Training and Nexacu advance together, students can anticipate a continued dedication to excellence and innovation in training. The Nexacu Portal is at the forefront of this commitment, embodying the convenience and support today’s learners need.

By leveraging the strengths of City Desktop Training, Nexacu, and the Lumify Group, students are now equipped with the tools and opportunities to excel in their professional journeys. The integration not only upholds the high-quality education City Desktop Training is renowned for but also enhances it through Nexacu’s established training excellence.

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