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Create everything from flyers to annual reports and catalogues. Adobe InDesign enables you to easily layout a page with powerful image and text formatting controls. Use Master Pages, Text and Object Styles to automate and save time.  See full InDesign course outline.


Is an image too dark or need cropping? Need to remove a background from a photo or retouch images to remove blemishes? If you need to alter a photo in any way or create a composition or design, Adobe Photoshop is what you'll need.  See full Photoshop course outline.


Create logos, diagrams, maps and infographics with ease. By creating vector graphics, content created with Adobe Illustrator can generally be scaled to any size from a business card through to a billboard.  See full Illustrator course outline.

Adobe InDesign Training

Adobe InDesign

Brochures | Flyers | Magazines | Annual reports | Catalogues | Page layout

Use InDesign to create single-page and multi-page layouts for marketing materials and publications. Format entire documents using Master Pages and Styles and apply effects to images to create professional and smarter documents.

Adobe InDesign Example
Adobe Photoshop Training

Adobe Photoshop

Photo editing | Photo manipulation | Removing backgrounds | Retouching

You primarily use Photoshop to create, edit and apply special effects to images of a photographic nature, though not limited to. Images like photos can then be prepared for various uses: print and marketing materials, presentations, websites, elearning and digital apps. With Photoshop you can easily cut out items, change colours and create compositions.

Adobe Photoshop Example
Adobe Photoshop Example
Adobe Illustrator Training

Adobe Illustrator

Infographics | Diagrams | Web Banners | Illustrations | Fashion | Logos | Icons

You primarily use Illustrator to create, edit and apply special effects to graphics that are made up of lines, points, fills and curves such as logos, charts and maps, diagrams, infographics and have a cartoon-like look and feel. Like Photoshop images, these can be prepared for all types of output. The main difference being that these images are non resolution-dependent and therefore can be increased to the size of a building without losing any quality.

Adobe Illustrator Example