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Training Modules (Overview)

  • HTML Essentials
  • Website Structure
  • Marking Up Text with HTML5
  • Working with Tables, Images & Hyperlinks
  • Layout and Design Techniques
  • Styling a Web Page with CSS3
  • External Content
  • Search Engine Optimisation

What You Get

  • Free Course Resit (6 Months)*
  • 12 Months Access to Help Desk
  • No Risk! Money Back Guarantee
  • 130+ Page Printed Course Book
  • Professional Training Environment
  • Small Classes (average 4 to 8)
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Course Outline


  • About Web Technologies – How HTML5 and CSS3 Work Together, and the Role of JavaScript
  • Tools of the Trade – About Code Editors, Web Development Applications, Content Management Systems and Online
    Web Building Solutions
  • Web Standards – Following Conventions
  • About Web Browsers, and How to Test your Work
  • About HTML5 and Older Versions of HTML

HTML Essentials

  • Principles of HTML5 – Document Type, Document Structure, Tags and Attributes
  • The HTML5 Document Structure
  • Containers and Empty Tags
  • Inline & Block Level Elements – How Tags Display
  • Inserting Special Characters
  • Commenting your Code

Website Structure

  • Typical Website Structure – Files and Folders
  • File and Folder Naming Conventions – Case and Space
  • The Importance of Filename Extensions
  • Home Page Considerations

Marking Up Text with HTML5

  • About Whitespace
  • Using Headings and Paragraphs
  • Line Breaks
  • Ordered and Unordered Lists – Customising Lists
  • Bold and Italic


  • Inserting Images with HTML
  • About GIF, JPG & PNG and When to Use Them
  • Image Optimisation – Reducing File Size while Maintaining Quality
  • Image Resolution
  • The ‘Alt’ Attribute
  • The ‘Title’ Attribute

Working with Tables

  • When you Should Use Tables
  • Tables for Displaying Data


  • Terminology – Absolute vs Relative Paths
  • Targeting Links to Open in a New Window
  • Creating ‘Same Page’ Links
  • Links to downloadable Content
  • Applying Links to Images

Layout and Design Techniques

  • Using DIV Tags as Containers
  • Applying Styles to Divs for Layout and Design
  • Using Span Tags to Style Selected Content

Styling a Web Page with CSS3

  • Understanding CSS3 Syntax
  • Writing Syles that Apply to the Whole Page
  • Styling an Entire Website
  • Fonts – Using Device Fonts
  • Colour – Colour Names and using Hexadecimal Code
  • Typography – Fonts Size, Line Height and Other Properties
  • Using Classes to Style Individual Elements
  • Styling Hyperlinks with Pseudo-Classes

External Content

  • Embedding a Google Map
  • Embedding a YouTube Video

Search Engine Optimisation

  • How Good Coding means Good SEO
  • Strong vs Bold
  • The Importance of the Title Tag
  • HEAD Content – using META Tags for Page Descriptions

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HTML & Web Principles Testimonials

Fantastic teacher, very clear, very realistic, most professional course I have been to in a long time.
Sarah, Heart Research Institute
Very good teacher, easy to understand and follow, nice training venue. I am glad to have done the HTML first before learning Dreamweaver.
Diana, Business Consultant
Very enjoyable, well-structured course led by knowledgeable and helpful instructor. Great for beginners or those revising their knowledge.
Karen, Admin Assistant
Excellent "101" course, has inspired me to learn more! Completed my editors/ wyswiwyg knowledge which is what I set out to achieve. Thank you.
Samantha, Senior Digital Consultant
Jonathon is great. He really knows the content - past, present and future. Great day of training
Nicole, eLearning
Enjoyable, at good pace, I am leaving feeling equipped to practice by myself.
Shannon, Graphic Designer
Trainer was fantastic! The day was well paced. I feel really well grounded for Dreamweaver tomorrow.
Jill, Designer
Fantastic. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to gain a good understanding of HTML Essentials.
Renae, Marketing Executive
Well organised and presented by expert trainer.
Brian, Freelance Designer
The course filled in a lot of gaps for me. A lot of ah-ah moments. Now I understand the foundations that I never had.
Ian, Business Owner