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HTML5 & Web Principles

It's essential to gain an understanding of HTML, the mark-up language of the net, before embarking on any kind of web development.
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Do you need to create a site from scratch or editing an existing one? Dreamweaver allows you to work in an intuitive visual interface to layout pages and build sites, or program code directly.
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If you need more complex styles for your site, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is the way to achieve the look you need.
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HTML Training

HTML5 & Web Principles

Understand HTML5 Code Basics | An Essential Starting Point

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the language of the internet. No matter what kind of site you are building or editing, a basic knowledge of HTML will allow you to work with confidence, avoid common mistakes and trouble shoot any problems.

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Adobe Dreamweaver Training

Adobe Dreamweaver

Design & Construct Websites | Create Navigation Links | Build Forms | Control Styles

Dreamweaver offers a vast range of tools for building and editing websites, including images, text, multi-media content, forms and hyperlinks. Designers can work in a visual interface, much as in a page layout program, but it is also possible to work directly with the code if preferred. Using Dreamweaver's panels and menus, design a simple responsive page layout, set up styles, create templates for easy re-use, test for phone, tablet and computer views and upload the final files to the server.

Dreamweaver Example
CSS3 Training

CSS Essentials

Text Styles | Page Layout | Responsive Web Design

CSS is the key to layout and styles for every aspect of your website. Control fonts, colours, sizes, spacing and alignment for every element on your page. The CSS Essentials course shows you how to achieve more advanced and complex layouts and appearances including fluid layouts and responsive web design, ideal for sites that need to adapt to the different screen sizes of mobile devices.

CSS Example