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Training Modules (Overview)

  • Introduction to Search Engines
  • Project Scoping & Analysis
  • Using Keywords for Maximum Impact
  • Optimise HEAD Tags in WordPress
  • Creating Search Friendly Content
  • Image & Video Optimisation
  • Optimisation for Local / Australia Business
  • Social Media & WordPress Integration
  • Google Analytics & Search Console
  • Blog Optimisation

What You Get

  • 12 Months Access to Help Desk
  • No Risk! Money Back Guarantee
  • Professional Training Environment
  • Small Classes (average 4 to 8)
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Course Outline

Introduction to Search Engines

  • Discover how Pages are Indexed in Search Results
  • Factors Determining Position in Search Results
  • SEO Terminology Explained

Project Scoping & Analysis

  • Clarifying Project Objectives
  • Identify your Target Market
  • Audit your Site for SEO Compatibility
  • Free Auditing Tools & WordPress Plugins

Using Keywords for Maximum Impact

  • The Keyword Research Process
  • Choosing & Allocating Keywords
  • Setting a Focus Keyword in WordPress
  • Using Keywords Strategically in Content
  • Free & Premium Keyword Tools

Optimise HEAD Tags in WordPress

  • Google’s use of TITLE & DESCRIPTION Tags
  • How WordPress Creates TITLE Tags
  • Using an SEO Plugin to Customise HEAD Tags
  • Writing Optimised TITLE Tags
  • Writing Optimised DESCRIPTION Tags

Creating Search Friendly Content

  • Google & Visitor Preferred Content
  • Integrating Keywords for Maximum Gain
  • Converting Site Visitors to Customers
  • Using an SEO Plugin to ID Issues
  • Search Friendly File Names

Image & Video Optimisation

  • Describing Images for Google
  • Using Images Effectively
  • Optimising Video
  • Video Hosting Considerations

Optimisation for Local / Australia Business

  • Creating a Google My Business Listing
  • Rank Higher in Google Business Maps
  • Specifying Regional Settings in WordPress

Social Media & WordPress Integration

  • Using Social Media for Branding & Engagement
  • Social Media Integration in WordPress

Google Analytics & Search Console

  • Integrating Google Analytics with WordPress
  • Overview of Google Analytics
  • Key Metrics to Follow
  • Search Console Integration with WordPress
  • More Info: Free Google Analytics Course

Blog Optimisation

  • SEO Benefits of Blogs
  • Commenting & Building Community
  • Search Friendly Blog Navigation
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WordPress Essentials Testimonials

Alice is an amazing trainer. Her depth of knowledge is incredible. This course is one of the most useful I have undertaken and I highly recommend it for small business owners.
Beverley C, Director
YAY SEO! Thanks to trainer Alice and the team at City Desktop Training I now have a sound understanding of SEO for WordPress - search friendly content, Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
Vanessa S, Marketing Comms
Another great WordPress course! SEO for WordPress covers a range of important SEO topics and provides practical strategies/solutions that can be implemented immediately.
Susannah B, Digital and Campaigns Officer
Alice the trainer is very lovely, knowledgeable and very relevant to the subject. I would highly recommend her. She encouraged and assured me that it's easy and boosted my confidence in WordPress. 11 out of 10!!
Vinezha, Graphic Designer
This was such a great interactive session. Alice provided useful links and explanations to help me feel like a pro. She provided templates that improved my understanding of the requirements and helped me over and above the course outline.
Nicole T, Business Owner
This is such a wonderful course for anyone wanting to learn how to apply SEO onto a WordPress website. I now am confident that I have the right skills to apply to the current website I am working on.
Nadia K, Digital and Social Media Strategist
Very relevant hands on use of WordPress. I can take this information and run with it straightaway.
Amir Talib, IT Business Analyst
The course was very informative and helped provide a basic understanding of the WordPress platform . I have attempted to learn this on my own however found it too challenging, this course broke it down and simplified the information I need in order to provide this as a service to my clients.
Nicole Knights, Virtual Assistant
I now feel much more confident to make the sites we manage much more interactive, user friendly and generally to enhace the user experience to encourage interaction and engagement. The widgets and the plug-ins seemed very complicated but are now de-mystified and I look forward to using them.
Kathryn Maguire, Marketing Manager
Enjoyable course with purposeful material to get you up and running with the basics for WordPress.
Alex Mckenzie, Intensive Care Paramedic
I thought the course had great information for beginners. It helped me understand hot the navigate the dashboard and customise my site.
Brooke Byrne, Marketing Coordinator
This was an excellent introduction to WordPress, with explanations accompanied by hands-on practice throughout the day.
Francesca Beddie, Reseracher/trainer
Fantastic course, great content, easy to understand.
Michelle Kinkaid, Precedents & Software Manager
Thankyou Chris and Kelly appreciate your enthusiasm.
Julie Johnson, CSO
I enjoyed the wordpress training with City Desktop Training, the presenter delivered the information in an easy to learn environment. Highly recommend them.
Renee Malby,
It was enjoyable and easy. Alot easier than I thought. thank you so much!
Louis Reed, CEO
Jonathon is an amazing teacher. He is an expert on the subject yet explains it in an easy to understand manner. I am primarily a print designer so the transition to web design is a completely different process. I would highly recommend this course.
L Clarke, Graphic Designer
Despite only being in the training session for a short while, I felt my knowledge and overall understanding of WordPress was enhanced through the clear and concise training offered by Jonathan.
Jo Abignano, Director Community Relations
Jonathon was very responsive and adaptable to questions and tailored the content of the course to meet our specific needs. The after course support included is a great feature too.
Jacqueline Sherlock, Administrator
I enjoyed the course Jonathon was a great instructor.
James Prior, Graphic Designer
John was very informative, open to discussion and helpful with specific areas I questioned, which were offshoots of my WordPress issues. My sincere thanks!
Cherie Tucker, Director of Development and Enrolment
Course was educational, looking forward to implementing my new skills.
Paul Miskimmon, Graphic Designer
The trainer was a geyser of knowledge - there was no question he didn't know the answer to, and was extremely helpful (and patient!) throughout the whole course.
Linda Hehir, Graphic Designer