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Training Modules (Overview)

  • Working with Proxy Files
  • Advanced Editing
  • Effects, Masks & Compositing
  • Captions
  • Markers
  • Multi Camera Editing
  • Colour Correction
  • Audio
  • Integration with Adobe After Effects
  • Project Management

What You Get

  • Adobe Reference Material (PDF)
  • Class Exercises Relevant to Industry
  • AATC Adobe Authorised Certificate
  • After Course Support
  • Free Course Resit (6 Months)*
  • Small Classes (average 4 to 6)
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Premiere Pro Advanced

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Course Outline

Working with Proxy Files

  • Ingest Settings & Proxy Files
  • Ingesting Proxy Files in the Media Browser
  • Switching Between Proxy Files & Original Files
  • Exporting Full Quality Media
  • Building Custom Proxy Presets in Adobe Media Encoder
  • Importing Custom Proxy Presets to Adobe Premiere Pro

Advanced Editing

  • 4 Point Editing & 3 Point Editing
  • Replacing Clips & Retaining Attributes
  • Match Frame Edits; Match Frame Reverse
  • Advanced Nesting Sequence Methods
  • Trim Panel
  • Dynamic Trimming
  • Sub Clips
  • Sync Lock & Track Locking
  • Gap Removal
  • New Customisable Keyboard Shortcut Commands Available


  • Creating Clip & Track Markers
  • Navigating with Markers
  • Adding Comments
  • Automating Edits to Markers
  • Copy & Paste Sequence Markers

Multi Camera Editing

  • Syncing Clips via In Point, Markers & Audio
  • Creating a Multicam Sequence
  • Multicam Editing in the Program Monitor
  • Button Editor

Colour Correction

  • Advanced Lumetri Color Effect
  • HSL Lumetri Secondary Color Correction
  • Comparison View
  • Match Colour
  • Lumetri Video Scopes
  • Broadcast Safe Settings - Fixing Overbrights/Overdarks
  • Video Limiter Effect
  • Replace colour & Change to Colour Effects
  • Master Clips & Global Effects

Effects, Masks & Compositing

  • Master Clip Effects
  • Applying & Editing Custom Masks with Effects
  • Motion Tracking Masks ("Witness Protection")
  • Editing Masks
  • Track Mattes & Alpha Channels


  • Syncing/Merging Separate Audio & Video Files via In Point or Audio
  • Audio Track Mixer
  • Applying Track Effects in the Audio Track Mixer
  • Loudness Radar Effect
  • LUFs & New Loudness Standards
  • Audio Effects EQ/Compression
  • Removing Noise & Hum
  • Audio Integration with Adobe Audition


  • Create & Edit Captions
  • Closed vs Open Captions
  • Exporting Side Car .srt Files

Integration with After Effects

  • Enhanced Dynamic Linking with Adobe After Effects
  • Enhanced Adobe After Effects Motion Graphics Templates

Project Management

  • Archiving & Consolidating Projects
  • Importing other Premiere Projects
  • Multiple Projects
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Premiere Pro Testimonials

I don't want the course to end! Thanks for helping me understand the technicalities involved in editing videos and images. I'm going to have great fun piecing together various files and producing something on my own.
Jennifer Duncan, Corporate Affairs Advisor
Ben's knowledge, experience and patience were excellent.
Nick Stone, Online Communications
The trainer answered many questions I have had for years. The course was as enjoyable as it was interesting.
Deborah, Editor
This course fitted my current needs well and have no recommendations for changes. Felt that the delivery of material by Antony was very well paced with calm and precise instruction with a friendly manner.
Ray, eLearning Developer
Excellent course. Came in not knowing anything about video editing. Very enjoyable presentation, very well taught to a class with varying levels of skill. Thanks!
Chris, Audience Researcher
Great course that was thoroughly enjoyed. It was insightful and provided great clarity in using Premiere Pro.
Bruce, Business Consultant Coach
Our trainer was great, I asked him heaps of questions and he answered them all with no troubles at all. Great job!
Matthew, Graphic Designer
Useful, practical introduction to Premiere Pro that will provide a good launch pad for working on your first video projects. For anyone who is time poor... and that's most of us... completing this 2 day course will shorten your learning time to master the program considerably.
Andrew Peacock, Medical Doctor
I had a very enjoyable time learning how use Premiere Pro. A well organised course, ran to meet the needs of the people attending. A great two days.
Owen, Digital Marketer

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